4 Oct 2017

Washing days with Ecover

It might just be in our house but it feels like the washing is never ending - actually please tell me its not just me!.

The team at Britmums know how important (in terms of a weekly task) washing is and tasked some of us to try out a new Ecover laundry detergent. Usually in our house I am own brand type of a mum - the kids (thankfully) don't suffer skin wise if I switch things about from brand to another. Which means ECover is brand I've not really tried before. 

This new formula Non-Bio formula is even tougher on stains (perfect for the kids at school and nursery and those unexplained marks that appear on white shirts) but the formula remains gentle on sensitive skins. This new formula has also been given the Mumsnet seal of approval with 89% of Mumsnet testers saying they would recommends to a friend.

Ecover’s new Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent delivers a powerful clean and features a new delightful naturally-inspired fragrance, Lavender & Sandalwood. From your baby’s first wash to the average bedding load, this dermatologically tested, plant-based Non-Bio formula delivers spotlessly clean results, even on a cold wash - and the smell is so lovely.

I'm in no way the queen of laundry (believe me some of my friends have a much more determined routine in place) but I do have some tips I do to make things run smoother.

  1.  Keep on top of the washing to do. Its a simple one but trying to fit in a quick load before work or when I get in helps me feel accomplished and also when the weekend comes around I am not chasing my tail.
  2. Small and often. We live in flat with an outside space so we only have a small airier to dry clothes. Keep the loads of washing every other day allows the previous loads to dry and means I don't resort to handing washing over all the chairs 
  3. Sort and put away washing once a week. This would not be for everyone I know but I work and my husband works during the week so time during the week is limited. I fold and stack all the clean washing in baskets and once a week sort through it all. It does mean during the week the clean washing pile gets taller and taller but we are all out about during the week I let this slide
  4. Put tumbled underwear etc into a lanudry bag - my saviour as my kids leave their dirty socks scattered about the house, when I take the dry washing out of the machine I bag it all up. 
  5. Sort washing via where it goes away. This is a job I hate - but hey the clothes have to go somewhere. I sort and fold all the washing by the drawers they have to go away in. Maxwell t-shirts, Natty T-shirts, Maxwell PJs, Natty Pjs etc etc. This is also means I can get the boys to help put items away.
  6. Sort socks last. I find these little things have a way of sneaking in between clothes. When folding the washing I pop ALL socks for all members into one bag and sort them last. Any odd socks leftover from that sort go into another basket to be checked against next weeks sorting
Those tips above our things I have found make our lanudry routine run smoother - do you have any more to add?

This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover. .” 

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  1. Great to hear how you got on - commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part