2 Oct 2017

Baking with Dr Oetker

Anyone who knows me (even just online me) you will get a sense of how much I love baking. I find it calms me, its something I feel proud of when I do. Also I like cake.

The team at Dr Oetker sent me a bundle of goodies to try out some of their products. I am usually a bake from scratch kind of girl - but box mixes, ready prepared icing and sprinkles will always have a staple in my kitchen. The box mixes all quick bakes to be made - and they work especially when little hands want to get involved. Howeer Dr Oetker offers much more in the way of baking products which are innovative, taste good, easy to access and affordable.

We got sent the its and bobs to make the Choc Chip Ice Cream Cookie Bowls. We got the easy cake centres (in chocolate and salted caramel), baking powder sachets (great idea already measured to one teaspoon and they keep fresh), chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, vanilla essence and sprinkle mixes.
This is a recipe I've been to try for ages and I was semi successful. They weren't full on bowls (as I didn't add enough dough - but I was worried it would spread too much!). I covered a 6 hole muffin tin with cupcake cases . In retorspect it would of been better to cover them in a little tin foil to form the cape of the muffin tin.
This was the most bowl like one out of my batch - but the cookies still taste good. The recipe makes up 6 bowls and then dough left over to make mini cookies - these got eaten pretty quickly.

.The finished object - and these went down well with kids as a "fancy" dessert. I used the cake centre squeezy pouch to add a splodge of sauce an the sprinkles added liberally over the top, 

Since making these bad boys the little ones have asked most weekends when can they have them again. Glad they enjoyed them

Thanks Dr Oetker for giving us the inspiration to try out something not only yummy but fun and new in the kitchen. Get your supplies in read for the October half term!!

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