29 Sep 2017

Grace Foods & Bringing the Sunshine in.

Bad blogger.

I have had this post sitting and waiting but due to unforeseen health and life commitments I have been unable to get as much done as I would like. I am not checking off my to do list and getting things done.


There are certain things you will be sure to find in my kitchen cupboards - rice (usually a 1kg bag!!), various types of flour, bags of crisps - and a selections of seasoning pots - mainly from Grace Foods. Where we live in Croydon it is fantastic as we are able to buy and sample so many different types of foods and cultures. Our local high street is bustling with polish supermarkets, independent fishmongers and west Indian food shops by the plenty. 

Back in the end of Summer the team at Grace Foods sent us this hamper bursting with all types of fun food things to try to celebrate Caribbean Food Week - including things we know and love and a few things which were new to us - like the Aloe water.

Cooking with Caribbean flavours is really easy to incorporate into your weekly meals without having to push yourself massively out of your comfort zone.

These are sticky jerk sausages and they tasted really good!!. I used the Jerk BBQ sauce  - which has the heat and flavour of jerk mixed into the sweet smoky BBQ sauce. This is mild enough for the kids to eat - but if they are not fans of spice, mix around 3 tablespoons of jerk BBQ sauce in with some honey to add a more sweet flavour. Coat the sausages in sauce and bake in the oven. Every 15 minutes or so bring them out and turn the sausages to pick up the sauce on the bottom.
I love mince and rice - its good comfort food for me as I can eat it one handed. I know this makes me weird. This is a take on a briyani style dish. Soften onions, peppers and carrots in the pan before adding the mince. Fry until browned then add the Mild curry powder - I used 2 tablespoons. Add the rice and some stock until the rice is covered. Pop a lid on the pan and let the rice soak up all the curry juices. This dish really make a small amount of meat go a long way. You could serve with naan bread or chapattis or tacos on the side. Merging in different cultures together in one.

The last dish I made using the ingredients was a bit of an experiment. We had in the hamper a packet of sweet plantatin crisps (the salted versions are so good also!) and I wanted to make some crispy coating chicken. I smashed the crisps in the blender and added in some of the hot and spicy fry mix for balance. I dipped and coated them in egg and flour before the mixture and baked them in the oven.

These were so moreish and we had them with salad and sweetcorn. They came out lovely and crunchy and the mix of the sweet with the spice was gooooodddd!!
So cooking with some of the fantastic ingredients Grace foods have to offer does not need to scary - mixing up flavours and meals you already are cooking you can make a twist on the new dish.

Thanks again to Grace Foods for sending us things to eat! Always the best post - or wine - that also makes a good post day!

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