15 Aug 2017

WWALW #8 // dinners in bowls, dinner with friends & picnics

Right, back on track now. What we actually ate last week. It was a week of summer holidays crazy, day trips out and generally trying to fit it all in. No wonder I fall in a heap on a Tuesday at my desk when I'm back in work....to drink hot tea

Monday // Super grey and rainy - therefore to entertain the kids we baked. Chocolate fairy cakes and shaped shortbread biscuits. A few hours and messy kitchen later but the kids were happy. Dinner was a garlic chicken concoction. Into te slow cooker I put sliced new potatoes, a load of crushed garlic, some herbs and then on top a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts with a bit of seasoning. Left the whole thing to cook away and dinner was yummy.

Tuesday // The husband was working late and we ate at different times. I fried up some bacon, some vegetables and then added half a pack of microwave rice and an egg. To make something which was filling, quick and had a good mix of protein, carbs and vegetables. 

Wednesday // Some "skinny" chilli beef. Coated beef stripes in an egg then a little cornflour before stir frying them to crisp up in a little coconut oil. Added in two peppers sliced and some green beans, a little soy sauce and some chilli. The husband loved this meal - looks like it will be a new one to add into rotation for us.

Thursday // My mum picked up a crispy duck from Aldi for us. It was a quick dinner as I popped that in the oven and made a quick stir fry with noodles - added in green beans, peppers, spring onions and a couple of carrots.

Friday // Having guests for dinner is one of my favorite things. On the menu today was a mutton curry (slow cooked for most of the day), rice, Jerk chicken wings, Chinese honey chicken thighs, salad and a chocolate brownies for dessert. Also some homemade roti! I do love to cook.

Saturday // Was leftovers!! yaya!!!! with some homemade wedges - plus some garlic bread. It was not a well rounded meal but w had spent the afternoon at ikea and then the evening building another Kallax to adorn our flat with. Some days you just need lazy food.

Sunday // We headed off for a picnic at Polesdon Lacey for the afternoon ( a non fancy picnic - this was cheese and ham sandwiches, crisps, apples and sharing a packet of fruit pastilles type of picnic) before having a BBQ dinner at the in laws  - which most welcome.

Its been a busy long week for Team Edwards.. 

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