14 Aug 2017

WWALW #7 // late nights, dinners out & day dates

Eek - behind on posting this. The summer holiday has ran away with me. So technically this is now not actually last week but the week before.

Monday // Kicked off the week with a favorite of ours. Pork shoulder curry. It does not photograph well - but tastes amazing. I have blogged my general recipe here before. It gets tweaked every now again.

Tuesday // Was a super late night. I had been to visit my sister and nephew in hospital, by the time I got home and sorted stuff out dinner was  - drumrll please. A fried egg sandwich. Keeping it classy.

Wednesday //  Was a quick and dirty pasta dish. Bacon lardon, pasta boiling in the pan - add chopped spinach to Blanch. Drain add to the bacon pan - some grated cheese and a glug of milk. Stir until the pasta is coated.

Thursday // We were treated to a meal out at Miller and Carter for my mother in laws birthday. I had an amazing steak with peppercorn sauce. A rather nice rose blush wine and a creme brulee.

Friday //  Was a day of logistics. Me and my friends were heading out to watch Pretty Woman at the open air cinema in Croydon. The mince needed cooking. So Bish bashed it together with peppers, onions and carrots. Then ate it on top of fluffy rice....before drinking all the wine.

Saturday // Was a dinner of all the things at my in laws. Curry, Chinese take away, rice and roast potatoes. I don't care it was yummy.

Sunday // We headed out to a Street Food Clash hosted by the lost format society and Big J. We sampled some amazing BBQ food and ate some delicious donuts by this amazing company be right bake where you pick your donut and then inject your choice of filling. Such a clever idea - we had fudge, oreo and sprinkle donuts and the fillings were baileys cream, caramel and jam. Some Sundays are meant for having fun. We enjoyed so much we have grabbed tickets to head back in September!!

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