3 Aug 2017

WWALW #6 // Lazy dinners, late nights and summer holidays

Its been a busy last week in the Edwards household due to my sister delivering my new nephew 5 weeks early (her pregnancy had been horrendous and I'm just please baby is here safe)

 Monday // as you can see from the photo it was so good and I was so hungry that I ate so quick I forgot to photograph. I can't even remember what it was I just remember eating it all!

Tuesday // Late nights from picking up the kids from my mother in laws after a long day at work - We had omellettes stuff with spinach, peppers, bacon and cheese. It might not be the prettiest plate of food but it was quick and filling.

Wednesday // A healthy dinner of some steamed fish and green beans (done in tin foil parcels in the oven) on top of some fluffy rice.

Thursday // My mum kindly picked up a spatchcock chicken for us from the local co - op. I love the dishes in foil you can just bung in the over. This was a lovely garlic and herb one with come mini roast potatoes and corn on the cob.

Friday // My cheap and cheerful risotto using cooking bacon, leeks and risotto rice. And seeing as I had to open a new bottle of wine seemed a change not to indulge.

Saturday // A family friendly Saturday dinner of breaded fish, crispy prawns (which both boys tried shocker!!) and home made chips.

Sunday // I pulled out all the stops and made a full on roast dinner. Chicken, roast potatoes (crispy!!), cabbage and roasted carrots and Croydon (Yorkshire!) puddings bigger than my fist! I love Yorkshire puddings so much......

That was my whirlwind week. Its been full of work, rain, trips to the park and constantly checking my phone for updates on her.... I've lost the plot with meal planning and being organised with my childcare juggling!

Have a good one

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