23 Jul 2017

WWALW #5 // Birthday parties, poorly mummy & missing shopping

This weeks post has been delayed due to being so busy with end of term madness. So on Sunday morning in my pj's i'm finally pushing publish and will endavour to get next weeks post up quicker!

 Monday //  we are yumbox owners in this house, but the boys don't often have pack lunch at school (plus my eldest is the most forgetful child that £20 is a lot to loose on a lunch box!). This Monday after a trip out he requested a lunch to graze at. So he had buttered fruit loaf, crisps, mini cucumber, an orange and cheese cubes. Oh and some jelly beans. This kept him more than happy. As I was still feeling ill the husband made me a dinner of crunchy potato cubes, some garlic courgettes (frozen garlic slices for the win!) and some sticky pineapple chicken.

Tuesday // A quick and simple dinner of pasta, some bacon cubes, a bag of spinach snipped with scissors and a tablespoon of ready made cheese sauce. There was even a little leftover for lunch the next day. This was a dinner that was made up with what can i grab at co-op on the way home due to tescos only delivering 2/3 of my shopping late on Friday night!!

Wednesday //  Baked salmon fillets  (picked up on the yellow sticker following a late night trip to the supermarket) with a whole big bag of green beans stir fried with a load of garlic. A little steamed rice (my actual staple in life)

Thursday // Was a little of experiment of mine using some cook from frozen fish, some diced peppers and onions plus a little stock, popped it all in a casserole dish then topped with some sweet potato. I think it still needs some work to make it a good choice, but it did the job. I think adding some choizo to the fish, maybe some chill would make more like a Spanish style fish pie.

Friday // one of my husbands favorite dishes I make - homemade pizza. I've talked about this before as I make out pizzas with no tomato sauce and instead I use a cheese sauce as the base. Tonights topping was pepperoni, spinach and red onion. It was so good!!

Saturday // This day was so busy (nursery fun day, kung fu lessons, shopping being delivered, birthday party for a friend of Maxwell, and then my Nan's 80th Birthday party) which meant that mealtimes and planning went out of the window and it was very much whatever you could grab. At my nan's party it was a lovely buffet of sausages, chicken goujans, bbq belly pork and of course cake.

Sunday // Lazy day recovering after Saturday being so busy. We had a crunchy chicken tacos, corn on the cob and well rice as i am a carb o holic......

Right thats that done, time to wrestle the kids out of the house....


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