12 Jul 2017

WWALW #4 // Sick kids, sunny days and sore throats

Last week has passed in a blur of calpol stickiness, sweaty kids and a mummy who got ill but had to carry on being mummy. Oh and there was a fair bit of prosecco drinking too. It was very much a week where no matter how much planning you do it can all unravel in an instance. I had donw the weekly shop at Lidl this week - I love doing the odd shop there. I do find I am unable to always get everything on my list but it did pretty well considering.
Monday //  With Beavers starting at 6pm I whipped a quick dinner for the kids, I love the ready made fresh meatballs from Lidl. Great flavour and do not produce tons of fat or water in the cooking. I made a big batch of mash (ready for the grown ups dinner later too). Its a simple dinner, but the portion size and how the meat is presented to my fussy eater it is always a winner. I had a yoga class in the evening so the husband whipped up some sauteed peppers, onions and garlic with steamed basa fillets topped with spinach. It was really yummy dinner.

Tuesday // A quick and cheap dinner tonight. Bacon lardons, spinach and gnocchi. Basically all thrown in a pan one after and another to produce a bowl of food which is rather filling, quick to prepare and one pan and 2 plates to wash up. Always a win. Today was also the day the boys came down with throat infections and colds. Their dinner was more a case of what do you want to eat - which was sausages and some more leftover mash.

Wednesday // Was an actual blur and rush. Dinner was eaten late (hence the lack of picture) but it was garlic steak cooked by the husband - which we ate out of bowls in front of the TV forcing every effort to stay awake in between poorly children waking and needing calpol.

Thursday // We were having my brother in law and a friend round for dinner (they bought prosecco!!) and I did a bit of cheats dinner. A small pork joint in the slow cooker seasoned with bbq sauce, onions and pepper. It was served pulled and shredded with a mixed salad, steamed rice and tacos. It got the thumbs up all round. I also made chocolate brownies for dessert - with fresh raspberries and raspberry ripple ice cream. Pulling out all the stops.

Friday // I had a late start due to nursery sports day and an empty fridge. Having to make an emergency run to sainsburys in the morning for more milk (where does it all go) I picked up a couple of their Chinese ready meal dishes. Chilli beef (my actual favourite!) and lemon chicken. A heat and serve kind of dinner - little man loved it too.

Saturday // We were off outout and I was getting more poorly. Which meant dinner was a lazy affair of chicken nugget selections and dipping sauce. And the kids were no where in site.

Sunday // Following a recovery period from our night out on the tiles, and me with a sore throat my husband fixed us a brunch of brioche rolls, bacon and scrambled egg. Just what the doctor ordered. As I spent most of the day laying on the sofa dinner was also boiled potatoes, crunchy sticky belly pork and corn and the cob. Which I ate extremely slowly.

I'm starting to feel better but had a food shopping disaster which involved Tesco delivery not delivering all my shopping - someone else has ended up with about 1/3 of my weekly shop and with a busy weekend and childcare it means that next week will be a shop as you go type affair.

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