20 Jun 2017

WWALW // June 12th-18th 2017

Last year I started blogging and recording our meals at home. It was something I enjoyed doing and helped me get into the swing of regular blog posting. Something which has been slipping recently - I find it more and more difficult to sit down and focus, but food and family is something that I love and I like to share ideas in the hope it might inspire, spark ideas in others. My love of cooking has grown more as I get older, at times I dislike the idea of cooking don't me wrong - but mostly I enjoy the process. 

With the heat rising in the UK my cooking needs to be quick and filling - also with the husband cycling from London to Brighton last weekend it meant our meals needed to be light and healthy to help him prepare for the ride ahead.

Our last week meals included:

Monday // Garlic and Paprika spiced beef mince with tacos. I use the Old Del Paso seasoning sachet. Its mild enough for the kids to enough, but enough flavour for us adults to enjoy also. The kids had theirs with corn on the cob, crispy taco shells and rice. We had ours on top of basmati steamed rice and crunched up tacos on top. A cross between a chill and a taco. Adding the crispy taco shells on top adds an extra texture. This is also part lazy as it means I can hold the bowl in one hand and eat it on the sofa. Judge away.....

Tuesday // It was omelettes for us. Quick and simple - I grabbed whatever we had in the fridge which included, some cheese, spinach and a pack of sausages - it might not of been the classiest of meals but a good omelette cooked in a little butter (you get the best finish!) is really fulfilling. Especially as the clean up is minimal.

Wednesday // The kids LOVE this minted lamb kebab sticks you can get in the supermarket in the summer. They cleared their plates - with a side of broccoli and homemade wedges (which i made extra off and munched in the kitchen as I had skipped lunch). The adults of the household had some soy sauce baked salmon with chill flakes (quick!! wrap in foil and steam until just cooked, leave wrapped to finish off cooking to keep nice and tender) with a mound of garlic stir fried green beans and rice. 

Thursday // The eldest boy had been in hospital for a tooth removal today so he requested a dinner of chicken nuggets - which he ate. While they ate that I prepped a dinner for later of roasted jersey royals, peppers and asparagus with cod fillets wrapped in parma ham. Tray bakes are one of favorite methods of mid week cooking, and this one was really tasty and light. Perfect summer eating.

Friday // Is usally the day of the week where my inspiration and fridge is lacking. We had been helping at the school fair and the boys feasted on toast and snacks for dinner instead of a sit down. This is a quick go to of mine - it was leeks fried until tender, before adding some seasoning and some paella type rice. Add double the amount of stock to the pan and then I placed salmon fillets on top with the lid onto poach. Just flaked the salmon through after to make a tasty dish. I do this usually with fish pie mix - works with fresh or frozen. One pot dishes are the way forward - seeing as the temperature in the UK was pushing 30!!

The weekend passed in blur of school summer fetes, impromptu burgers cooked on the BBQ and picnics and fish and chips at the seafront.

That was our last week - this week coming, so far includes chicken curry, slow cooker sticky belly pork and something with basa fish.... 

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