29 Jun 2017

May 2017 // Comic Con, open air cinema, A&E and sunny days

Just in the nick of time I can get our May round up posted. A side note I have started using Google Photos for my backup and its amazing, storing my phone photos in the cloud. Makes me happy.


I haven't read anything new this month - I finished off the books from last month. But my pile to read against the bed is pretty tall. I keep popping into Charity shops just to check...


Moana! The boys got the blu ray and they have been watching it non stop. Its a fantastic film, great songs and really funny.


To the boys talk all the time about fidget spinners. I don't understand the obsession but all I know is we now have too many of things dotted about the house for my liking.


The weather had been getting warmer, I was loving floral this month, wearing a lighter or no coat to work. This swing dress is an old one, but flattering. Being short I can just about get away with wearing it with tights - not sure it would work with bare legs!


We got the toucan boxes out of the cupboard - the kids made a mess, I tidied the mess but they enjoyed a creative activity. I do love these kits as they contain everything you need to allow them to get on with the task at hand. Maxwell is now more than capable to pick up a box and make a start on it


Chocolate fairy cakes with my little dude. These new sprinkles I bought from Shire Bakery are amazing!! I love them so much!!!

Best of the rest

Family shot - a Western themed 60th party. The boys loved getting dressed up, actually so did the hubby.

My boys - they adore their dad. The week is so busy for both me and the husband but we do try and give the boys fun at the weekend. They were so excited to be wearing a basketball top like their Dad!

A new trampoline park opened near us and I took advantage of the early morning tots session to get bouncing with little man. He had a blast while we jumped and danced to Moana

Hot days and end of term meant M teacher got the kids ice lollies. He thought it was fantastic.

In Croydon the summer months see an open air cinema on top of a car park be open for business. Me and a friend headed off to drink prosecco and watch LaLa Land. 

My husband and the kids are huge comic book fans. We took them up to Excel for the day to experience the madness that is comic-con. That man their in the photo. My husband. The boys thought this was all kinds of amazing.

A trip to a&e with the littlest member of the family as he bit his tongue! Lots of blood and tears but nothing permanent!

And thats that. (how at the time of writing are we at the end of June already!!)

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  1. We love Moana too! Such a fun family film with a great sound track.
    There are a couple of trampoline parks near where we live now and my girls are obsessed. I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time in them over the summer holidays!
    Thanks for linking up with Little Loves! x