30 May 2017

April 2017 // half term, sunshine, Easter & family time

Late again in posting this.. whoops but we have been working on some exciting projects as a family which has taken up some time. Recap of April - lets go.


Still on a reading kick and steamed through these two novels this month. Woman of God was a really enjoyable read covering across countries and decades following the life of one woman. It was a real page turner. The Zig Zag girl is the first I have read by this author and found it a real fun read set in the 1950s Brighton.

The eldest child has also found the reading bug and since moving schools in November his reading skills have sky rocketed and hes been giving ready Harry Potter a go. Oh how this makes my heart sing!!


I have been streaming plenty this past month - mainly re watching Poirot. I love Agatha Christie and all the glamour that goes with. Poirot is one of my favorite detectives!!


Little man is KidzBop obsessed currently and we have been watching the YouTube channel along with listening to the CD in the car. On loop. Please save me. This is "his" song!! I do love the fact that these songs are Kid friendly and its a step up from nursery rhymes at least.


We exchanged some clubcard vouchers and headed down to the local Zizzi for a little dinner out. It was a nice treat and the kids enjoyed the food. It was lovely spending time with my little lot.

We also had plenty of picnics in the sun over the month of April - eating fresh fruit and snacking on crisps in the sunshine. Lovely.


We had a family christening this month and I wore this lovely dress from SimplyBe which had a velvet type texture. It was nice having the long arms as it meant I didn't need to add a cardigan. The bright floral print will work through summer but also will work in autumn too.


Creativity is still lacking in my life but i did whip up a little Easter egg hunt for the boys outside which made them happy. That is the point really- little things that make the biggest memories


Lots of baking of little cakes and treats, but this banana loaf was a favorite which I added some mini eggs too. Was lovely with a cup of tea.

Rest of the Best

Family shot...
Night out with my love! 
Chessington day out with face paint of awesome!!
Local FunFair treat with the boys.

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