8 Apr 2017

Review // Chillfactor Push Pops

We put our ChillFactor Push Pops to the test, just in time for this beautiful weather we have been having in South London. 
These ChillFactor Pull Pops allow you to create your own ice lollies at home. This set makes it super simple to pull, freeze and enjoy fantastic ice lollies - which you have filled with yummy ingredients. We used home made squash and fruit juice but you could use milkshakes, yogurt, smoothies or even fill the tubes with fruit.

The set (RRP 4.99) includes two push pops with plungers, plus accessories to take your pops to the next level - by adding sprinkles and a hollow core down the middle to be able to add in a centre of syrup or chocolate.

 Fresh out the freezer - before the kids got there hands one. The plunger is removal to allow you more space to freeze the lollies and you click the plunger back in to push the lolly up. We used all little pot to add some crunchy sprinkles to the lolly pop.

Little man loved dipping the lolly in - thinking next time we should try some melted chocolate and nuts or sherbert!! Like a frozen dip dap.
Look at the concentration on this face - the trail of sprinkles across the work surface and floor was evident he was enjoying himself.
Thats one happy boy right there - a frozen fruit juice lolly with some added sprinkles - happy times. Plus as I know its just fruit juice i've added into I carry less mum guilt giving him the ice lolly early in the morning. As these are resuable they are already in the sink to be wash up ready for the next round of lolly pops. Im wondering if I can sneak a mummy cocktail version - add some sprinkles to a gin and tonic lolly maybe? !! The mind wonders.

You can find the sets here to have fun yourself and make your own ice pops - its a great value set, the boys have loved it!.

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