12 Apr 2017

Quick Easter Cupcakes

Easter holidays are in full swing here - and the sun has been shining which has made it fell like summer. We have filled our days with days out, picnics and letting the kids run free. With Easter days approaching my mind wanders to thoughts of chocolate fueled baking and mini eggs - because why not. I made a quick a quick batch of cupcakes. 

These were not the prettiest cakes by no means. I used a 3 egg mixture (weighing the eggs, and using the same amount in self raising flour, butter, caster sugar and a tsp of baking powder - mixed all in one and spooned into the cases. Baked on 180 for around 20 mins)

I gathered my decorating supplies. These were nothing bought especially to make the cakes - all bits and pieces in the cupboards. The left over packets of sweets or little treat bags left at the bottom of box.
I made the decorating even easier - by using this tub of vanilla icing. I try and keep a tub or two of these in the cupboards. They have a long shelf life, a good sticky consistency (perfect for cake pops). The decorations I found on my cupboard scavenger hunt - a small treat size bag of malteasers & mini eggs, a small box of mini smarties, some Easter themed jelly sweets, some ready made flower decorations and the must have sprinkle mix. These simple selection of sweeties can be used to make a super quick batch of cupcakes.
The simplest combinations created some cute spring themed cakes. By sticking to a theme of decoration I created a pleasing tray of little cakes for my little ones. I must confess I truly dislike piping cake decorations - I am not that neat and it hurts my wrist. Any time I can bypass this by spooning and swirling with a knife I will do. 

My top tip when add sprinkles (to save them skittering all about the place) is spoon the mixture on and dip them into a ramekin with the sprinkles in. You get a good covering of sprinkles and a nice even finish.

While on my hunt in the cupboards I found these green sprinkles which work well as "grass" on the cake tops. The chocolate topped ones were a firm fave with the boys. I simplified the icing process even further and with cakes that have cooled I melted a line of a large bar of chocolate in the microwave (yes I am a chocolate melting heathen!!) and spoon the melted chocolate directly onto the cake to make a shiny topping ready to be adorned with a mini egg or some smarties.

Making a tray of pretty Easter treats does not need to be time consuming and can be just as pretty as others. I baked these cakes on the small side also (as my kids usually eat the icing and ditch the cake, but baking a smaller cake means they eat it!) There little hands have been sneaking cakes since they were baked - and they taste pretty yummy with a cup of tea!

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