4 Apr 2017

All Stars Cricket

I never thought becoming a parent that one of the thoughts that fills your mind is what extra curricular activities can I fill my kids days with. We have in the past tried gymnastics, sing time, basketball, football and kung fu. One sport that we have not seen many classes or opportunities about for young children is Cricket. The England & Wales Cricket board (ECB) have taken this thought forward and devised All Stars Cricket.

This is a fun active form of the game aimed particularly at 5-8 year old. This is  the first nationwide entry-level participation programme for cricket, with the aim of getting 50,000 boys and girls excited by the game this year.

They are aiming to get a new generation excited and involved in the game. This is due to be rolled out across cricket clubs and centres all over England and Wales throughout the summer. You can parents can register their kids to take part via allstarscricket.co.uk. We have several clubs near us which is offering this courses ranging from around £40 for the 8 week programme - which includes a personalised kit bag. This includes a bat, ball, bag and kit to take part in the course.

The emphasis of the course it placed firmly in learning how to play the game in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.Children will also learn the social development skills that team sport brings.
Each session of the 8-week programme - developed with input from Director of England Cricket Andrew Strauss and the performance team - will give children the basic skills they need to develop a lifelong love of cricket.

ECB Director of Participation & Growth Matt Dwyer said:
“We have big ambitions to significantly grow the game and this programme is all about putting a bat and ball in the hands of more children at an earlier age. First and foremost, we want to make playing cricket a fun and enjoyable experience for children and give them a passion for the game to last a lifetime. Drawing kids to the game at an early age will develop more players, create more fans and show the power of cricket in developing physical and social skills. We also want to make sure that parents have a great first experience at the club and give them the chance to have an hour back with their kids every week. We will be encouraging parents to get involved with sessions, whatever their prior knowledge of the game. Within weeks of unveiling the programme to clubs we had 2,000 of them sign up to deliver All Stars Cricket and this summer we hope to have 50,000 kids trying the sport all over the country through this exciting nationwide programme.”

Former England captain and All Stars Cricket ambassador Michael Vaughan said:
“I started playing cricket at my local club and have seen first-hand how important it is to introduce kids to our sport in a fun way. As a parent, I’ve also seen how tough it can be to get kids interested in sport especially given the amount of activities competing for their time. Finding a way for cricket to appeal to kids and to get them active is more important than ever.  We are bringing cricket to the front door of kids and parents across England and Wales. I can’t wait to see the positive impact this will have on clubs and the wider game.”

This is a great opportunity to try and find that sport your child enjoys - there are so many doors available to our children now and I firmly believe offering them as many options at young age will only help serve them in the future. Also I believe that showing them that exercise can be fun will only help them grow.

Go check out the website and find out if your local cricket club has a course to suit you and your tribe.

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