15 Mar 2017

February 2017 // birthday tea, half term, sick days & busy weekends

I am late in posting this as I have spent the past two weeks fighting off a cold and before that my jaw pain was immense so I was being kind to myself and taking a break while I got myself back into fighting shape. I may have to admit I am finally getting old and cannot fight off infections as quickly as I once could.  ***This has taken me even longer to get posted - life has been mega busy recently! Blogger Shame

As we are now in March and spring is making an appearance it is definitely lifting my mood. How lovely is it to be doing school collections with no coat or that it is light when leaving in the morning. February was a busy one with my eldest boy turning 7 - we also had a trip to London and busy weekends seeing friends and family.

I am still on track to complete my 12 books in 2017 and I finished Dead Cold by Louise Penny. A murder mystery series set in Canada. Her writing style has a lovely pace, characters you warm too as it chugs along at a pleasant speed. I am on the hunt for more of her books in charity shops.


TV has been nice and busy. Husband is loving the return of the Flash (and binge watching supergirl on SKY GO while washing up). We have different views on TV watching (my murder mystery obsession and his GoT & Walking Dead) but it is always good to find a TV show we both enjoy. The remake of McGuyver has been just that. Fast paced, cheesy crime comedy drama show. Plus I have loved Georgie Eads since his CSI days.

Also I have fallen in love with RiverDale on Netflix - like obsessed. I have a new love of a red head (between him and Ed Sheeran) in Archie Adams. Its all the things I love about Pretty Little liars - with an added murder mystery plot in a small town. And well Luke Perry.


Music has been amazing this past month. I love it as the Summer approaches and those happy songs appear on the radio (almost as much as love Christmas music). The latest offereing from Stormzy has been getting some serious air play - and being a Croydon dweller I have a soft spot for this South London grime.

Also the collaboration between the Chainsmokers and coldplay has been getting me singing along in the car. My boys love listening to the radio and i'm sure they will soon realise that their mum is the embarrassing one that likes to sing along and dance in the car.


My biggest boy turned 7 this month and instead of a big party we took the boys on a wander around London. Pre kids this was a regular occurrence for us to catch the train and have lunch out - but since have the boys we visit less. This was the first trip with both of them and we went to Forbidden Planet, Lego Store and Hamleys. For lunch we took them to TGI's in Leicester Square. The boys feasted on hot dogs and chips while me and the hubby had a mixed start platter of chicken wings and ribs. It made a change to the usual McDonald's. However as you can see the birthday boy was less keen on his cake and singing (but the cake tasted amaze!!)

We went to a family party over the past month I worked up the courage to wear this jumpsuit my mother in law bought me ages ago. I have gained weight in the past year. It makes me sad and try and think about what i'm eating, trying to think of ways I can fit in exercise and still deal with the health pain and headaches I battle with daily. I think I looked OK in the end in this - even if it was a bit figure hugging (and I had to wear a vest top underneath as it would of been obscene cleavage on go)

I have not been the most creative this month due to illness. I did manage to finish a square on my very old unfinished cross stitch project. I started this back in 2014 and I am still slogging on - I need to just bite the bullet and finish it. Only two squares left!!


February is a birthday month for my biggest dude and I always try and make the kids cake. I managed this one (even with my dodgy oven) a chocolate sponge cake filled with mint chocolate buttercream. Iced as requested from the boy with a mix of Marvel and DC superheros (much to hubby's annoyance! Have one or the other but he just couldn't pick). I was pleased with the outcome and looked impressive on the table.

The rest of the month included.

Sick big boys....
Half term crafting....

Flip out birthday party - adults only!!
and as always copious tea...

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