7 Feb 2017

Valentines Meal with Aldi

February. The love month. When shops get stocked with roses, chocolates and cards. And I love a reason to head out for a fancy dinner but that's always not on the cards being two busy parents. Plus the eldest son of ours happens to have his birthday a few days after valentines so factoring in the cost of a special dinner out can sometimes not be a reality. Therefore I have put together a quick 3 course dinner with the help of the great value products at Aldi all for under £25. Plus it's a meal you can prep and cook in no time meaning more time to sit with the significant other.
With my £25 I bought the following.
  • Mixed Antipasti 
  • Salt & Pepper Crackers 
  • Steak medallions
  • green beans 
  • new potatoes 
  • 0% Greek yoghurt 
  • dark chocolate 
  • milk chocolate 
  • blueberries, strawberries and raspberries 
  • Prosecco

All the things I needed to make our Valentine's dinner. I did add from my cupboards butter, mixed peppercorns and garlic. All to make menu of :
  • Quick lazy antipasti 
  • Steak with peppercorn butter sauce. Smashed garlic potatoes with green beans 
  • Berry pots with Chocolate mousse. 
What I liked about my quick lazy menu is that I was able to prep bits during the day.

The starter is a super simple and was literally assemble all on the plate when husband got in from work. This allowed us to nibble on these while wrangling the children into pj's and such. So not so much a formal sit down starter. More of a grazing start to the meal.

The main I parboiled the potatoes earlier in the day. I did the whole bag and leftovers went into the fridge for another dinner later that week. When cooking dinner I sliced them before frying in a little oil until crispy with garlic cloves crushed and green beans trimmed and thrown in too. These were able to cook away while I pan cried the streak before adding a little butter, cornflour and peppercorns to the pan to make a buttery sauce to accompany.

The dessert was made much earlier in the day and left in the fridge to firm up during the day. Mixing a combination of melted dark and milk chocolate with a little honey and Greek yoghurt. This was spooned on top of chopped berries and topped with a single strawberry dipped in chocolate. A naughty but nice combination.
All served with a glass of prosecco on the go. And we were able to eat the dessert in jamas. While curled up on the sofa! Pretty romantic if you ask me.
I did film a little vlog alongside this if you fancy having a watch. My vlogging skills are still being worked on!

There we have it. Check out your local Aldi as they will be having all sorts of Valentines special deals including a rather impressive array of floral bouquets.

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