16 Feb 2017

Rug Room Revamp with Safavieh & Wayfair

We are renters. Me and hubby have been renting for years, we don't have the scope for a deposit. It's just one of those things. Being renters it does mean putting your mark on a place can sometimes be tricky. They are usually neutral bases that allow most people to see the potential of their new homes. Which works for renters as it means what we bring into the place we know will fit with the interiors, but does mean that rooms can sometimes look a little lackluster.

There are are various ways you can add your stamp into a place. Cushions and soft furnishings is one method we use and artwork or photo frames is another. Our previous places have not really had a large enough space to allow for a rug but I am starting to see the versatility of adding a rug to your room to create a personality and also break up the neutral carpet (as well as protecting the carpet below, that is a bonus)

Rugs allow you to add colour and pattern to a room without having to wallpaper or paint. Since having a rug I've also found the kids are more likely to sit or lay on the floor on the rug. Maybe that's something to do with schooling! (Everyone sit on the rug now! A common phrase heard).

Rugs range in size and price which allows you to find something which suits your budget. Wayfair offer a range of rugs from a small size (70cmx 140cm) up to the largest size (201cm x 301cm) Also offers you the opportunity to introduce different textures or explore more creative offering in a small scale. Whether that means an interesting colour combination, a pattern that is different or a material you wouldn't usually consider.

Adding a rug to a room is a quick way to revamp a room (Yes painting a room takes considerably more time and effort than browsing and clicking an order online) You able to play about with styles and find something which works with your existing furniture.

Wayfair offer various solutions to suit all types of rooms. Adding a bright colour rug to the kids room to turn a pale base of a room into something fun for the kids. Something like this which offers a dual purpose to adding colour to the room, and providing an area to play on  - a Snakes & Ladder rug by Brook Lane Rugs

There are a wide range of styles and patterns on offer. From a bold geometric style like this by Safavieh in a deep chevron. Adding this bold pattern to a pale room would allow you to have a focus and style to the room. The navy colour would work well with grey, yellow or whites.

However if like us you have a sofa in a deep colour - ours is a deep chocolate brown, with the curtains also in the same deep brown - picking a rug that compliments means that we picked a neutral rug with slight pattern. This rug we got from Safavieh is lovely and soft, with a slight pattern. Its lighter than the carpet we have. I'm still playing around with the best positions to place the rug but I am loving the slight pattern for hiding all the kid relating mess!!

And I am slightly in love with this new wooden platters I got from Wayfair also.

Check out Wayfair they offer some great hints and tips on picking a rug and how to care for your rug once it is in your home. Go forth and be inspired to try something a bit different - pick a style and colour to decorate for season and bring some colour into your rooms.

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