20 Feb 2017

Review // Chalkola Markers

Something that is clear about me is that I have a love of all things creative and when the team at Chalkola got in contact asking if I wanted to have a play with they chalk markers I jumped at the chance. We received two fantastic sets to have some fun with -  The Party colour set and the Earth colour set.

Which means we had a good selection of colours to have some fun with. Maxwell has loved drawing pictures with the pens on a mini chalkboard. They are so vibrant and easy to use. They work great on Non Porous Surfaces only like Chalkboards, Whiteboards, Glass, Plastic, Windows. But test in a small area first. They work just like dry erase markers and wipe away with a cloth.

Chalk markers as a medium have high density Chalk Ink, due to which New markers take 2 to 3 mins prep time – Once used the ink flows smoothly. The ink dries quickly and wipes away easily too. Plus washes off hands and clothes easily ( Always a bonus with small ones about.)

We set about thinking of ways of using the pens around the house.

I love being organised and having a meal plan in place for the week - it really does make things run much more smoothly. And the place to have the meal is on the fridge. The pens worked great on our black fridge - but as the colours are so vibrant they would work on a white fridge too.

 I bake a fair bit and the goodies often get placed in a tin. I am also very forgetful and when I get asked when was this cake made I stare blankly at my husband. Scrawling on the lid what he cake are, and the date I baked them eliminates this confusion. Also they would work great when sending in cakes to school and stuff.

 And in true classic use of the chalk markers I have a re-purposed photo frame in our hallway I painted the glass with chalkboard paint. I use it during the year to add signs or notices. As our biggest dude turned 7 at the weekend I whipped up a birthday sign for him. Chalkola do say that some people experience issues using the pens on chalkboard paint as the ink once wiped away leaves a slight ghosting but its fine by me.

You can order your own pens via amazon and you can get a 20% discount by using the code 20OFFSTR - Chalkola Party Colour pen set - Earth Colors Pen Set 

I have also tried using them out on the washing machine (please turn on when you get in) - wifi code on the glass doors in the kitchen (great when you have guests round). I would really recommend them if yo want something fun to give the kids to do that is wipe clean. They work great on mirrors too.

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