4 Feb 2017

January 2017 // chilly days, big little lies and the game is on.....

Hello lovelies - It been a busy past week and I have gotten behind on my blogging!! I will not feel bad, my first priority in life is mummy and runner of this house. A hectic past week has also included a broken washing machine, not being able to sleep and being sucked back into the world of Scandal Season 5, getting prepared for season 6 hitting Sky this weekend.

The first in an (attempt) to record the comings and going of m life in a round up style post, of some sorts.
First month of 2017 is down. We have had some ups (birthdays and celebrations) and downs (anxiety attacks and mice- yes mice ugh!!) but overall the month has been full of smiles, early nights and being back into the swing of life.


I am aiming for another 12 books read this year - made good progress by finishing my first book and starting  my second in January. First tread was Big Little Lies by Liann Moriaty and it was a good one. This is my firt book by this auther and I was gripped. The story flowed well and kept me guessing which way it would flip. The story was written in various point os view that I really had no idea who the victim was until it was unveiled. I enjoyed her book so much I managed to pick up two more at the charity shop.


I love a good murder mystery and Sherlock is one of the best on TV in my opinion. I was so excited about the new season I een wathced the final eposide live - which speaks volumes as me and hubby are quite often on the staming or recorded programmes. But i just need to know how it ended. Yes I was confused, I have questions and I will need to wathc them all again. Janaury has also seen the return of lots of other dramas onto the screen including Endevour - I have a soft spot for this. I love Inspecter Morse and Lewis (I have just finsihed rewatching all season of Lewis which are now on Netflix) The styling and music of these shows make me happy.


I have been LOVING this new track from Ed Sheeran - Shape of You. It makes me smile. A old school dance hall beat. Lyrics that tell a story and all with Ed's fantastic vocals. I hear it and just want to dance - yes that means I dance in the car on the school run -And what??


This past month I have cooked up various bits and pieces in the kitchen. I tried out a Chicken Lasange layered with spinach, cream and garlic mix with butternut squash that was particularly yummy. I have also made stir fries, roast chickens and pot roast beef. Managing a food budget and making the food last is always tricky. January and February are such tight months.


This outfit has been a go to this month. The dress is an old one - its a swing dress style, so nice and loose. I have been teaming it with jewel coloured tights and my new brown boots the husband got me for Christmas. You can get them from New Look and they are so comfy. I am living in them - I have in the past always been a calf high boots kind of girl but these are great. My go to bag during th day is a ruck sack. Yep a ruck sack. Its my work/life bag. This one is from Vans and has an embossed velvet style rose pattern all over it.


I am in the slow knitters club. I always have my knitting next to me and I have been pottering about with these mittens - started with the smallest size for little man. I am not the neatest knitter, I bodge it up a lot, I can afford fancy yarns but I like to give it a go. I just suffer when I compare myself to others. But I sort of finished these - they are not perfect, they are big short in places, and the stitches are all over the place. Not sure I will ever let the kids wear them out in fear they get laughed at. But I knitted these....


I didn't take many pictures of my baking this month. Bad blogger. But this month has included baking the standard my bananas have turned brown I must turn them into cake - banana bread, a mulled wine spiced tea loaf, chocolate chip cookies and these two birthday cakes. The banana bundt cake fail for husband and this fudgy chocolate cake filled with a fudgy icing made with salted caramel icing sugar from sugar & crumbs - I LOVE these icing sugars - the flavour you get from them is immense. This one is the perfect mix of salt and sugar. 


And here ends the round up of January. Lets see what February brings about.


  1. I really enjoyed the Sherlock series, although like you am confused and will need to re-watch at least twice (and still probably have questions).


  2. Your mittens look soft and snuggly and I see no reason for the kids not to wear them. You'll only get better with practice and if the process brings you fun then why worry too much about the finished product :)

  3. Hurray for cakes and celebrations. Oh that book is fab I read it so quickly it was so good. It's been so chilly out but sunny so I will take it. Cute gloves too. Hope you had a good weekend. #littleloves

  4. I love that rucksack! I really must buy myself one as I struggle to get everything I need in my bag and carry it without killing my shoulder.
    Oh Sherlock was mesmerising wasn't it? I like your idea of watching it again to pick up on the clues we might have missed. It gets so complex! xx