3 Jan 2017

Year Review // What I Read

Back around this time last year I set myself the challenge of reading 12 books in 2016. This is a good number for me, a round number - one a month a fairly do able in our day to day life and busyness that entails. And this year I did complete it. Well with one little cheat being that my first book of the year was not a new a read for me, but a revisit in the form of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The rest of the line up were all new books and in some cases new authors too.

Here is my 2016 line up - in a collated pretty format for your perusing, you will notice a leaning towards the murder mystery genre - this is a favourite of mine. Not so much the gory type, but more thriller style ones. 

After devouring the Chamber of Secrets at record speed - I read the NYPD Red. James Patterson is a go to author of mine. I love his short chapter styles, and a touch of the trashy read about them. Starlets and film stars. Explosions and handsome heros. A good thriller action feel about them. This was my first read from his NYPD Red series and I thoroughly enjoyed (and recommended to several people at work also). Private LA is the same vein (brooding troubled hero with a dramatic past, kidnapping and clues) Both were frothy reads but fulfilled the need to read.

Career of Evil, the latest from Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) was (as always) a fantastic read. I have adored JK style of writing, her use of narrative and creating character you warm too. Comoran Strike is a slight book crush of mine! This was a good murder mystery with all the twists and turns you want from a book of this kind.

The Monogram Murders, was an interesting - if at times, clunky read. Written by Sophie Hannah in the style of Agatha Christie (queen of all things murder mystery) resurrecting the ever wonderful Hercule Poroit! It was slow at times but had all the elements you would want out of Agatha style murder. She has released a second one which I would like to have a read of to. I think the premise is very interesting, taking such a well know lead and attempting to bring back to life on the pages.

The Girl on the Train, well I know I read it late. I was not caught up in the hype of the book. But my oh my - i read it 5 days flat (and sat up until 1am to finish it as I couldn't go to bed without finding out why) I wouldn't say it was an enjoyable read - but it was gripping. I made you want to find out more, made you want to know what happened. Another I have recommended to others.

Still Life by Louise Penny was a recommendation from a dear friend. She was right when she said I would love it. The author takes you into this world of Three Pines and delivers on the key points you need on a classic whodunit. Small town, host of characters, lovable police and hunt for the truth. managed to track down the second one in the series on the used book shelves on Amazon.

No 1 Ladies Detective agency disappointed me. I so wanted to love it and be a part of this series. But I found the writing and switching between stories hard going. The mysteries were there but I had not investment in the character solving the mystery. I was a hard job picking this book up and each time I left it a while between reading it took me a while to find the groove again of the story.

Two Kindle bargain made the list. Journey to death and Dangerous talent. Both perfect cozy mysteries, strong female leads, the odd love interest and a good story to boot.

The final two on my list are from the Peter Grant series by Ben Aaranonvich. Rivers of London and Mysteries over Soho. These again were recommended through a friend and wow I loved them. The combination of murder mysteries, police drama, London backdrop (even a shout out to Croydon and a nest of Vampires) with a touch of the magical underworld thrown in. These book were fantastic and I have the 3rd one in the series ready to go.

I'm pleased with some of the finds I have stumbled across this year. And hopefully next year I will read another 12 - that's my challenge again.Even started my new book already.

Any suggestions for me let me know!

Happy new year.



  1. Yeay! I'm so glad you enjoyed Louise Penny!!

  2. And I want to read the Peter Grant ones. Oh and the Monogram Murders. And the next Galbraith, and, and, and.....