1 Jan 2017

Year Review // My 2016 Aims & Goals

A yearly process now for me over the past years - making a list of aims and goals I would like to achieve or meet. Then the following year I look back at what I wrote and take a look at what over the past year I have achieved.

2016 as a whole has been a better year. More good things have been achieved, daily life has continued. It has come with its downs as well, and also its hurdles which have needed to be faced head on.

Here are my goals for the year. 

* Eat Well - well yes, I think I ate and drank too well. I've gained back weight - this makes me sad, this makes me feel like a failure. But I have eaten yummy food and have enjoyed relaxing meals, snacks and sweets. I have enjoyed cooking and trying new things. 

* Use my cookbooks - YES I have done this. I have made more effort for picking ones up and browsing for ideas. I have been less good at recording this but I have found some good go to recipes especially around baking.

* Learn about wine - Well I did sort of achieve this one and went wine tasting this past year over at the Denby wine estate. I really enjoyed this and learned about the different grapes that are grown here in the UK. I'm no expert but I really enjoyed my day out.

* Tidy -  in general yes I have made more of an effort to tidy and put away things. I have tried selling things on facebook sites and when this didn't work I have donated where possible to charity shops or nursery or passed onto friends.

*Blog well - I think I have made more of an effort to blog better. I still have doubts about my ability or my voice but I have written a few things over the past year which have made me proud - this one and this one notably

* Read - yes achieved this goal. Will be sharing what I read in the past year this week. 

* Be Happy - this one has been harder to achieve. I have seeked help this past year but as I am classed a high functioning sufferer the help offered is minimal. I have had bad days, days where I feel drowning in my own thoughts. But I still get up and keep life moving. I need to focus on that part that I can keep going.


And a review of my crafting aims!! Thinking about it I don't think my crafting has been that prolific this year - life has been busy and my motivation has been low.

* Knit a shawl - I will admit I have done very little knitting all year. I have found it hard to think and focus about it. I feel insignificant in comparison to other knitters I know. I have not knitted a shawl.

* Finish a cross stitch project Once Upon a Time sampler - ha. ha. ha. NO this did not happen. It really should of too I'm super close to finishing the damn thing. And the other one I started this year well no that has not happened either.n

* Sophie's Universe - nope, picked it up a couple of times, this is sad as it really is a fantastic project, I love it immensely when I get it out. sigh.

* Hat and handwarmers for the boys - another non starter. I have the wool in the bag next to me right now. That's some progress right.

* Use my knitting book - well you would need to knit to use knitting books. I have not knitted therefor my need for knitting book inspiration was low.

* 2015 Project life album - this is complete enough to say its done - of course it would be great to have it all pretty but you know what its in the album.

*2015 Scrapbook Album - the stories have been picked, the photos are in the album and there is even a fair few layouts in there also. That one is a tick.

* Use my sewing machine. Yes another tick. I've used my machine a few times this year. I made my memory quilt topper from the boys baby clothes, burp cloths gifts for a dear friends baby shower, and made stockings for the boys at Christmas. Even turned the husbands jeans for work into shorts (really not the neatest job in the world but they will do) I didn't achieve my goal about making an item of clothing for me. I do have some fabric and a book in an attempt to make PJ bottoms for myself.

* Make the boys birthday cakes - yes! Yes I did this - star wars for biggest, basketball jersey for littlest and fitted in a PJ Masks cake for my goddaughter, a twirlywoos for a friends son and a Christmas cake iced with snowflakes and stars. 

I did complete a couple of projects (like an old blanket I started for friend, I made a blanket for my nan at Christmas and I made a corner to corner crochet blanket for a christening present and even did a little blast of jewellery making) but overall my hobbies just grow in number, this was not the year of sitting and making for me. Maybe this had a direct relationship to my mood throughout the year. I do know I feel happier when feeling like I achieved something. That is something to ponder as I think about this coming year.

Roll on 2017 - lets do this.

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