16 Jan 2017

School Mornings

See that pretty photo posted there. That smiling boy. The great back drop. The good lighting.

Yes thats at instahappy photo showing your darling child off to school in a suitably happy mood.

This photo does not show the true reality. I'm a fake. That photo makes it look like I have it all under control. That I'm smashing it as a mother. That I've got it all sorted.

The true reality is something more like this.

Alarm goes off. I snooze. Try and work up energy to get up. Sneak out of bed to boil water to make tea, then make lunches and pack bags for everyone. Usually I turn round and youngest ninja child has appeared at the door and scared the life out of me. Now I'm awake.

Make tea, shower. Then spend the next 20-30 minutes repeating these words on a loop.

  • Get up we have to go to school
  • have you brushed your teeth
  • put your clothes on 
  • hurry up
  • move quicker. 
  • We will be late 
  • you will go to school in your pyjamas if you don't get dressed
  • im leaving
  • shoes. Bookbag. Lunchbox. 
  • Please do up your coat. 

All why getting myself dressed. Wrangling littlest into some sort of clothes or coat (two days a week my mother in law looks after him and he leaves the house in pjs! Hallelujah!) On top of this I'm doing my hair and make up ready for a day in the office. Plus making the bed, picking up disguarded pjs left in a trail from bathroom to bedroom. Like a snake shedding their skin (this is repeated in the evening after school except it's their clothes!) Then if I have time I may also wash up, put a load of washing on or tidy.

By this point everyone should be dressed. With coats on. And all the items they could possibly need for the day.

Then ensues the descent to the car park to load all of this into the car. The sentences said on repeat are then changed slightly to

  • Get in the car 
  • put that down 
  • seat belt 
  • hurry up
  • no just leave it. 
  • Seat belt. 

The short journey down down the road is then filled with nonsensical conversations about whatever thought is filling the 6yo head. This ranges from if I was a scientist I would make a time travelling machine or today I am going to be batman or if Pokemon were real or remember that time you said. My response to these sparkling items on conversations is nod, yes darling, oh really, maybe.

By the the time I have dispatched them to their childcare providers and my car is silent. I start the drive to work, drink my tea and relish the quiet.

That is until I start to miss them and can't wait to pick them up and hear about their day. That conversation is usually me asking questions and he saying yes, I'm hungry.

The joys of school mornings.

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