16 Jan 2017

Review // Nurture Fruity Water +

Sometimes things pop up for us to review and you are excited for them to arrive. These drinks I was really looking forward to trying. My kids are busy kids always on the go and I have to try (sometimes that means stopping at a supermarket and picking up supplies) and be prepared when heading out.

Now the clever thing about these drinks is they doing more than just offering hydration or that much needed peace and quiet while they are wailing (or that just my kids). The Nurture Fruity Water+ offers to help support the kids immunity and lower naturally occurring sugars.

They are available in two flavours : Cherry & Starwberry and Pineapple & Orange. Each pouch contains 45% natural juice and 55% water. Plus packed with extra nutrients and vitimans for little ones.

Theres is no added sugar and per 100ml of drink there is less than 1 teaspoon of naturally occurring sugars. These make him exempt from the sugar tax planned and are school approved due to the low sugar levels (still check though our school is a water only one!) And they taste pretty good too. My little man loved the cherry one and quite happily sat there slurping away with his lunch. I polished my halo knowing that in a flash I was being super mum and giving him all those extra bits to help him grow big and strong.

These are a great size and resealable - in the now very familiar pouch style. They are suitable from 1 years and you can pick up yours in more places in the high street. I know I will keep an eye out for them for them especially when out about on the high street as these will make a better alternative.

Nurture is the story of parents Lucie and Derek Sanders. With three children of their own, they were on a mission to create a children’s drink that not only tastes delicious but is healthy, thanks to its natural goodness. Driven by a firm belief that if children consume less sugar from an early age, they will be less inclined to develop a ‘sweet tooth’ and more inclined to make healthy consumption choices later on, Lucie and Derek have focused on flavours that kids love. Nurture Fruity Water+ is all about nurturing our little ones’ healthy habits for life. Out with sugar, and in with flavour!

NURTURE Fruity Water+ is available in 200ml pouches with a RRP of 99p to £1.49. Retailers include: Boots, Ocado, Whole Foods Market and Holland & Barrett.

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