25 Jan 2017

Edwards Family Cookbook // Cranachan

In the honors of Burns Night I tried my hand at a classic Scottish recipe at the weekend. It was naughty but nice that is for sure. The tradition of this night to celebrate the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, started back in 1801. When his friends gathered together to celebrate this man and share a Burns Supper. The tradition stuck and now years on it still remains.

Having a sweet tooth I opted for the rather delicious mix of toasted oats, whipped cream all swirled together with a dash (or bit more) of Whiskey and honey. Cranachan, a Scottish classic. I used this Good Food recipe as my base but mostly I just guessed on the measurements!!
I used this rather smooth whiskey from Whyte & Mackay. I am not normally know for my whiskey drinking, but this present from my parents is a rather nice tipple over ice with a dash of ginger ale. The combination of this with whipped cream was rather yummy.
It may not be the prettiest pile of a dessert but it tasted good - drizzled with a more honey, topped with raspberries and voila. It was good like this but the leftover got smooched into a Tupperware container into the fridge. And I will admit I have been sneaking spoonfuls of this. Now its more set - its almost like a cheesecake. The toasted oat (which were good and will be doing again) flavour balances deliciously against the whiskey and the cream. 

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