11 Jan 2017

Bake The Year 2017 // Banana & Chocolate Bundt Cake

Welcome to my first Bake The Year post - in a effort the bake (and blog) more me and the lovely Sally over at Cutting and Sticking will be getting our bake on throughout the year and tackling those cookbooks, magazine and inspiration and getting busy in the kitchen.

To kick off our year both our husbands celebrate their birthdays in January then what better way to start the new year off than with cake.

However as you can see from the picture above this cake was not the prettiest. I had run into various problems while making it - but mainly the cardinal sin of baking. Trying to take a cake that was not fully baked all the way through, that was hot and soft and should of stayed in the tin. Instead when tipping it out it fell apart. sigh.

My whole family know about my cook book obsession - its a bit crazy. Its one of my favourite things to do. I love browsing them. I make notes in the margin and stick post it notes all around them. For Christmas my Nan got me the most awesome gift - a year long subscription to Good Food Magazine. Now I get to top up my foodie reading monthly when the magazine pops through the door.

This cake was featured in the January edition - a Salted Caramel drizzle on top of a chocolate and banana connotation. It was a banana cake mixture which you halve and add cocoa and chocolate chips to one bowl before swirling them together in a bundt tin (making sure its properly greased). The caramel drizzle was simple using the carnation caramel tins and decorated with a sprinkle of salted peanuts.

As much as my cake looked a bit of a disaster!! It tasted pretty epic. It was dense in texture, more like a brownie. The salty caramel topping complemented the sticky banana cake. It was a great recipe to use up those black bananas in the fruit bowl. Which seem to make an appearance every week - even though the boys devour them!!

I want to try it again - and cross my fingers for a better outcome. It was a change to the traditional birthday cake, but stick a few candles on and have it was a cuppa tea it was rather yummy. Good Food online has loads of other recipes for using up bananas and hundreds of ideas for birthday ideas in the kitchen.

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