8 Jan 2017

2017 // Aims & Goals

IN my yearly tradition lets tackle the resolutions not resolutions listing.!


* Have more confidence - I think my confidence lacking is key to quite a few of my ongoing issues. I need to try and have more confidence in myself as a person, mother, colleague and general well being.

* Blog at least once a week - I really enjoyed in a part last year documenting our weekly eating, ideas and thoughts. I like the format and I would like to try and continue this in some part. Blogging once a week should help me get into better habits, help me feel more confidence and help grow my blog into a direction I want.

* Sleep better - I am at a constant battle with myself and now the boys are mostly better sleepers I need to sleep better. Making time for myself to relax, unwind and without being glued to a screen. This is very difficult

* Delete - the amount of photos and rubbish that clogs up my phone is ridiculous. Following on from reading this article by Becky Higgins inspired me. Sitting down daily and clearing out the rubbish I have taken over the day - following by a weekly delete on a Sunday and prepping my photo collages for my weekly project life. I need to upload them straight away and move one. Keeping 8 photos of the same thing is pointless. I need to access, edit, share and save the ones I view as important to our life story and dismiss the rest. I recently spent two weeks without being able to gain access to my phone. The thing I missed the most - not being able to text or call my husband or my mum. 

* Write - I enjoy this, but think I put so much emphasis on it being perfect. Sometimes it isn't and thats ok. 
* Ditch the dummy - this will be the year we get rid. Not right now, but we will. Somehow.

* Lose weight - its been a fun year being relaxed. But I need to find my drive and motivation again. I cannot continue like this. I need to get this under control. I need to. I would like to feel fitter too. Oh and I could just cry writing this but I feel like such a falure.

These are mostly inspired by this post in Good Food about foodie resolutions

* New things. Trying to cook and make new things. Its very easy to stick to what you know, but I would like to broaden and widen my skills. I'm working on a list of things I would like to try and haven't.

* Eat Healthier. This can be achieved I have done it in the past, I need to feel better about myself. As boring as it can be eating healthy (and expensive) I need to try. Sticking to healthy meals during the week and allowing the weekend to be more relaxed is the key. And wine will be kept for a weekend thing only.

* Drink more water. Yes an oldie but a goodie. Drinking more water has great health benefits, its easy to do. I just need to apply myself more and get through it.

* Continue to get inspiration from cookbooks and food magazine. I love them so much but I need to use them. 


* Finish at least one cross stitch project - I will have to keep adding this one to the list until I actually fins something.

* Sophies Universe - Show it some love. It fills me with joy that I should really try and finish it.

* Memory Keeping - try and continue in the sae vein I have done. Its a groove which as worked for me. Not sure about the 12x12 layouts for this year as its very costly to get everything printed, but we shall see where that road takes me.

* Sewing - continue to find a confidence in my ability. Try and find new projects which will allow me to find more confidence behind the machine.

* Knitting - do some. do anything. Its ok, your not the quickest, I don't have the best stasg, I'm not the neatest, I get confused. But adding those stitch's, taking it slow, taking time out - that bit I do enjoy. So just do it. Do something.

* Cakes - bake the boys cakes again. But be bold.

There you have it - a little round up of things I would like to contine doing, start doing or make more of an effort on doing.

207 - I think I'm ready.

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