8 Dec 2016

Review // toucanBox

If you have been reading my blog for a while, or follow me over at instagam or have met me in real life you will know how much I love being creative. There is always a knitting bag in my rucksack, a yarn project on my side of the sofa, piles of pretty paper or a doodle on my desk pads. I love that feeling of creating, its not something I am necessarily the best at but it is something I enjoy immensely. I love to sit and spend a few hours (or minutes if that is all that I can spare) and keep my hands busy. It is something that I enjoy sharing with the kids now too. I have a "craft" cupboard which is full to bursting with all sorts of bits and pieces and it has drawers dedicated to activities for the kids. And yes I have all these bits on hand, but sometimes in the busyness of our daily lives finding time to sit down and plan and prepare and pull out all the bits and bobs can be a bit of nightmare - you know the kind where half way through your thinking I really shouldn't have.

This is where toucanBox step in. These self contained boxes of fun get delivered to your door - the petite option gets posted right through the letterbox. These kits contain activities with everything you require right in the box (well sometimes you need to grab the scissors) mostly but to size, packaged into bags and with instructions detailing clear steps on what to do. Maxwell loves these and they are great to keep aside ready for those rainy afternoons.These boxes can be delivered fortnightly and the activities and ideas are all planned to keep your child develop their skills. 
As this is the season to be jolly - all boxes ordered before the 15th December you will receive limited edition Christmas crafts. Our box was using tri-beads to create some pretty beaded decorations for the tree. This activity was perfect as it was clear instructions for Maxwell and it was something he didn't need me to sit and help him. 

Each boxes instructions offer ways to further the learning - with other ideas you can try at home. In these Christmas boxes it comes with a little activity book with colouring pages, puzzles and word games. I still see my big boy as a child who needs so much help. But in fact he is growing (quickly) and can now get on with tasks without my supervision. Hs not know for sitting still in Maxwell but he sat and worked on his candy cane decoration before hanging it proudly on the tree.

Being the creative mind that he is - he didn't want to stick to the red and white cane and added some blue in for variety. That's my son, forever thinking of ways to stand out from the crowd. You can try out a box for free by registering on their site and using the code BLOGGERSTREAT - go do it now, and tick off a Christmas activity with the kids. 

toucanBox are running a rather exciting advent calendar throughout the run up to the BIG DAY - you can check it out via there social media channels. Their YouTube channel offers some great ideas on getting creative with the kids! 

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