18 Dec 2016

Christmas 2016 // Personalised Photo Cards with Snapfish

I am not the most organised of people. This is even more so apparent as the Christmas season is in full swing. I have been experiencing some serious first world problems and been unable to get access to my iPhone or Apple ID. Technology is sometimes a blessing and a curse. But this set back in general life has caused me to 1. worry and fret over it 2. feel even more behind with Christmas planning.

I love the idea of being so organised I have lists and lists which are updated each each and marked. I could spend time writing little notes, providing updates and wishing cheer. I love receiving cards and feeling that joy as an old friend passing on Christmas wishes to you. I am such a organised mess that it is rare I remember these things - i'm terrible at sending cards during the year. I wish I wasn't.

However I was organised enough the other week to design and order some personalised Christmas cards with Snapfish. Which was good as I hadn't been organised enough to buy all the family individual cards!!

I had planned to set up a quick photo shoot at home - I wanted the coordinated outfits, beautiful backdrop and spreading that Christmas cheer. But due to my lack of organisation (see above) I opted instead to use a selection of photos or selfies from the past year of me and my brood. As we were passing these card onto the family I thought they didn't care if the photos were coordinated outfits in a Christmas theme - they cared about seeing our smiling faces, our happy memories and the fact I even remembered to send a card!!

Using the site I was able to pick a design (and they had loads!!) to upload and slot in out pictures. Not only do the designs allow you to personalise the front you are able to add more pictures on the inside to. They are printed with a glossy outside and the inside a matt card to allow you to add messages. I was able to pick photos from. They have loads of choice and you can still get some last minute cards and there is code to get up to 50% off. You can order cards and some of there fantastic photo gifts like calendars and books by the 20th December to get them in time for Christmas.

The site is really easy to use and they were dispatched quickly and arrived in a great condition. All the family we have sent them to have loved them and were pleased with them. I will be doing this again next year.

**We credit in exchange for writing this post, but all views are my own**

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