10 Dec 2016

Christmas 2016 // The anticipation...

Becoming a parent brings so many things into focus. It is now that I can look back at my childhood, the memories I hold and the things that I hold dear. Things change with the times too - I don't remember the fancy advent calendars my boys have now. Those filled with Lego creations or mini minions. Or like last year ones they had of playmobil or toot toot. I also don't remember the choice of adult calendars available - like the beauty ones (one day!) or the stationery ones (yes please).

I remember the anticipation on December the 1st. Coming downstairs and seeing....

The Cadbury chocolate advent calendar. The standard one - the one that each little chocolate is moulded in a different festive shape. The one that has a little picture in the background or on the door. I clearly remember being in the playground - and having the discussion about what shape/picture did you get. My boys are less interested in opening the chocolate calendar in the morning - or even opening the doors in their fancy toy calendars. They start the month of with all this determination and non stop nagging to open it and to see what is in there. This determination dwindles as the month progresses. 

Growing up there were other things which happened during the lead up that fill m with nostalgia. Things like the Christmas fair at school (sving up your pennies to go blow it on the tombola), the carols by candleight service at church and see the rotary Santa doing the rounds at home.

Now I place so much unnecessary pressure on myself to count down the season to make it memorable. This year is the first year in a long time I have not tried to document daily photos and notes for our December. I'm trying more to be in the moment, to enjoy the moment and savour the moment. These moments pass so quickly, these children grow up so quick. I am lucky that I can be mum and pass the magic on to the boys Christmas memories.

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