10 Oct 2016

Review : Teletubbies Pull Along

We are very lucky at times to be picked for reviews of toys, and we have so much fun. This one came through a while ago but due to life being hectic and me needing some time out the review has not made it onto the blog - I sincerly apolgise for this. I am finding my feet again now. Here it goes.

Now I will admit in my younger years I remeber the intial teletubbie craze - Yes we had pins on our school ties and the cuddly toys - it was strange being a teen in the 90's. Now I have kids of my own and teletubbies has returned to the screens - bringing with it nostaglia and a fondness watching my little ones be interested in the characters of LaLa, Dispy, Tinky Winky and Po.

This little one was super excited when a box as big as him appeared at the door. He was climbing all over the box before I could even get it open. We got sent a Pull and Play Noo-noo The toys are really changing, from the squeeze cuddly toys I remember. This electronic activity centre is packed with features, which includes a 6 piece shape sorted and a 3D puzzle board with the teletubbies characters. It makes sounds and lights up and can be pulled around the room with ease.

The different ways in which children learn has been considered in the design - offering problem solving, encouraging hand and eye co ordination and teaching cause and effect. Its fully interactive and the most important thing is that they have fun playing with it. We have been playing with and talking about colours, naming the shapes and singing the songs. It has been a great piece to have about during the week - as it takes up little room and everything can be stored in the toy (yay for minimal mess). We played a game where I hid the pieces around the room and little man went off on a treasure hunt looking for all the elements to complete the puzzle.

I've found little one a few times quietly sitting emptying the Noo-noo and replacing all the puzzle pieces. Sometimes the simple ideas give the most return.

We really enjoyed playing with this. Its a RRP of £49.99, very sturdy and is bringing lots of fun around this house. I would recommend this as a perfect Christmas gift for little ones.


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