26 Oct 2016

Quick Halloween Fun

I know the subject of "celebrating" Halloween can be a controversial one - and I have not saying that we "celebrate" this. However with little mans birthday falling on that day (ooooo) and now since have kids it falls over half term it means we do partake in Halloween Spooky Fun. I do not like the horror scary side of Halloween - I do like the letting the kids dress up, excuse to add decorations of pumpkins around the house and bake goodies. Having a birthday that now falls on this day will mean for years to come we will be having a celebration of his birth - if this means that we have Halloween sweets (as they are all half price!) and the odd toy spider and pumpkin dotted about then so be it. With the supermarkets and shops now stocking all manor of Halloween inspired products its easy to be able to pick up bits and pieces to have fun with the kids.

As we are in the midst of half term I thought I would share some fun Halloween activities you can get the kids involved in.

1. Iced biscuits - I shared these back in 2013, A quick simple biscuit dough which is a nice soft dough. I have tons of cookie cutters (and I am always buying more) your able to pick up selection packs. Mixing and rolling the dough is great fun to do with kids (if you can stand the mess) but in the past I have been know to make the dough the night before and leave it to chill. Then take it out the fridge about an hour beforehand and let the kids go crazy.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch - We haven't been to one in a few year but they seem to be growing in popularity. We have a couple of Pick Your Own places that are now hosting Pumpkin fun! - with the UK having a growing love for these fantastic vegetables - and the photos are cute too.

3. Halloween party - Before we had little man I liked to throw little Halloween tea parties. Not scary ones but little monster and ghosts. This one back in 2011 featured a great printable set of decorations. Etsy are fantastic for these but if you are any good on the computer you can make some yourself. I still love my cake fails from that day - which were transferred into cupcake cups! Brilliant for little fingers - they saved my carpet!

4. Gingerbread houses - not just for Christmas. This one was from last year and was a kit we picked up in Morrisons - I have seen similar ones in stores this year. These kits are great as they take the precision required for baking and allow you (the kids) to focus on the construction. Which is just as frustrating!!. But it got eaten,.

5. Halloween goodie buckets - this is something new me and my sister opted to do this year. We don't take the kids trick or treating but this allowed us to give them a few little bits. As well we like to spoil them when we can. We made up these buckets with a DVD in (picking up the cheap ones in supermarket - managed to get a couple of classics for the boys Casper and The Little Vampire to add to our collection) , a book, a pumpkin and some crafting supplies - plus these fantastic witch hats I picked up in Hobbycraft. My two are currently obsessed with Harry Potter. These kept the boys entertained all morning.

6. Chocolate treats - I made these oaty chocolate bites early this month. By still baking the normal bits and pieces and adding some Halloween sprinkles is a way to enjoy the fun without full on Halloween take over. M loved these in his lunchbox.

7. Playdough plates - I used this great recipe by Alice&Amelia to make up these quick playdough plates. One batch of playdough split between 3, some cutters, plus some pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes. They boys made a right mess but had fun. There was rolling and squishing, creating and playing. I've not done an activty like this before at home but think I will do it again. The playdough was quick to make. I spiced it with cinnamon too - it smelt lovely. 

Even big boys like the playdough. He sat and made this ghost and decorated with eyes and patterns.
Very proud of his creation.

8. Facepainting - you don't have to be the most fantastic artist to create some excitement for the kids. Snazaroo offer some great and simple ideas for creating face-painted looks at home - we had lots of fun with it last year.

9. Painted Pumpkins - with little fingers some times (I may talk from experience) the carving and scooping out of pumpkins can turn into a mess and tantrums (I want to use the knife) so I often opt for the allowing the kids to paint them. I used just acrylic and let it dry well. They enjoy it as they are painting on a 3D shape. Once dry you can add faces (while they are sleeping) with some white acrylic paint. 

10. Bat cupcakes - these are some of the favorite cakes I made last year and so simple. Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, Oreo and icing eyes. Quick, effective and most important yummy.

Go forth and have some spooky fun.