12 Oct 2016

Crafting with Baker Ross

Its fast approaching, you can see it ahead. You have the countdown and the conversation outside the school gates.....

"How many days until half term?"

Whether you look forward to that time or you are filled with panic (about the possible childcare Tetris you have ahead of you) its time to get things prepared and ready for the never ending (or maybe that just my house) whines of "I'm Bored" or you get fed up at watching your children turn into TV zombies (again maybe just y boys) and you decide enough is enough lets do something fun.

Baker Ross are (I think) one of the best for offering variation and kits which are easy to use, fun to make and allow you to polish that Mum halo. There website is great as you can look for the general I need to fill up my craft cupboard stuff or split into categories to allow you to offer seasonal (and educational - not saying that bit too loudly) activities at home. You can find their Halloween Shop and their Autumn Shop to pick up some fun half term goodies.

We came home to a fun bundle of goodies from Baker Ross to get our half term planning on the go. Both little ones were super excited - one of thing I love about their activities is that you can allow both kids to have a turn. Most kits come with multiple kits inside to allow you to share the fun. Our bundle included :

Skull Colour-in Mini Gift Bags  in a day of the dead design - which I have been talking to Maxwell about and explaining how this is different to a spooky Halloween and more about a celebration of those that have passed. I'm thinking we can make some cookies to pop inside the gift bags. To go with these a set of Fibre Tip Pens. The packet has 3 sets which is great as they seem to go missing in our house. Halloween Dotty Art - something new I've not tried before. Black and white dotty pictures with sticker sheets in multi coloured dots to make up the pictures. Looking forward to trying these with the little one as he like using stickers. The woodland Friend stickers will be emptied into a bowl for the kids to just create (make a mess) with on sheets of paper. Thehttp://www.bakerross.co.uk/owl-jewel-decoration-kits-1 http://www.bakerross.co.uk/owl-jewel-decoration-kits-1 got opened straight away (and when the husband came home he got instructed in the art of owl decorations too) M loved these as it was easy to follow and he enjoyed making it himself. Its now hanging above his bed. The Sand Leaf decorations kit looks FUN!!! But that one will need my full attention - but hoping to turn the finished ones into a wreath. The Halloween PomPom kits will be perfect half term fun - everything you need in the package to add some spooky fun to our front room. And finally some cute little bee badges.

What are your kids crafting plans for half term? 

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