9 Oct 2016

Aldi Mamia Days Out

I love being a mum, and having kids is great but we all have times when you wonder if your getting right. (please tell me I am not the only one) which is why it great that we have so many fantastic brands and resources around us to help out with some of those moments.

The baby and toddler range at Aldi one such brand which is aiming to help parents out along the way  - by offering great range of products at a great value price. This range was developed in the response to the needs of real parents. Their baby food range is 100%  organic and starts at 59p. They have a range of sweet and savory options which come in pouches (perfect for on the go feeding), fruit pots, rice cakes and flavoured spring water. Their nappies and wipes are brilliant and I will recommend these to any new parents. 

My boys are older now but still I keep the pouches on hand in the cupboard. These are great snack for popping in your bag ready - they love the fruit ones and I even sometimes pop them in the eldest lunchbox for school - knowing they are all organic and full of fruity goodness for him is also great.

This range is really affordable - and makes packing for a day out with the kids easy. 

Here is my tips for days out with the kids.

  1. Change of clothes - even for the eldest. I have learnt (the hard way) that even the biggest child can get into the biggest of mess (think water fountains and sand pits) so I remove that thought by making sure that even in the car I have an extra pair of bottoms and pants.
  2. Carrier bags in picnics bags - by packing an empty carrier in with the picnic bits means that you can pack away all the rubbish and dispose of. Even if it means you bring it home for the bin being able to separate the sticky mess from the food, i've found perfect.
  3. Making up one big sandwich - this is new thing I have been doing by buying a large ciabatta or french stick I can make up one big sandwich of cheese and ham to feed us all. It makes a change from have a sliced bread sandwich when on a nice trip out.
  4. Bulk fruit salad - my boys are real fruit bats so I find it easier to make up a big tub of cut grapes, berries and melon (or whatever is on offer - Aldi offer  some great prices on fresh fruit to be able to offer selection to the kids and keep the costs down.
  5. Baby wipes - I have packs in the kids bag, the car and my bag. The Mamia range ones are great, strong and offer in scent free. We buy these in bulk and £5.99 for 12 packs (which makes each back 49p!) its fantastic. I use the wipes for everything from cleaning sticky faces, wiping hands, cleaning off tables or muddy shoes. They really do have multiple uses (and great for when visiting toilets out and about and there is no paper! Just don't forget to dispose of them in the bin and not down the toilet)
  6. Snacks - as much as packing a picnic I also try and keep some snacks in my bag - for the car journeys or little bribery never goes amiss. I love the mini backs of chocolate biscuits or beadsticks as an on the go peace offering.
  7. Always ready - I like to keep towels and a picnic blanket always packed in the boot of the car. This allows spontaneous picnics and dipping feet in rivers to be something enjoyed and not worried about. Check out the Aldi special buys - these change weekly and your likely to pick up a bargain!!
Go out and make some memories - even the little things like sitting in a park eating lunch can be a huge adventure for little legs.
This post is an entry for Britmums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.

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  1. Great to hear how you got on and lovely pics! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part