7 Sep 2016

What we ate last week : Bank holidays and quick dinners.

This week has flown past again (and late in posting and life has been busy!!)  Last week we headed out to celebrate my birthday with friends plus a bank holiday thrown into the mix. Lots more family time and playing together.

Saturday: Freezer meals - Salmon, cabbage and new potatoes

Trying to keep the freezer stocked with yummy things we can through together to make a quick healthy meal. Tesco do a bag of 4 frozen salmon fillets which cook from frozen - and means were not diving for the fish fingers. I have also discovered they do frozen savoy cabbage - we do enjoy cabbage but I find if you don't use it quick after cutting it in half it can turn. This frozen one is great - I find cooking frozen veg is great as you can steam it as it defrosts in the pan and cook down with a nice glaze.

Sunday: Bagettis Italian - Salmon, Wild rice and spinach

A meal out with friends and family to a bit more fancy restaurant than usual. This Italian restaurant is lovely and a wide range of food. I was avoiding too many carbs after over indulging across my birthday so opted for wild rice, more salmon and a yummy wilted buttery lemon spinach. They brought me out a birthday tiramisu (my favourite dessert!!) 

Monday: Bank Holiday BBQ

My in laws had kindly offered to have the boys over night so we could go party like we were young again. Which meant we later descended on their house and was treated to champagne and a BBQ feast of all things good about the summer. Burgers, corn on the cob, chicken, steak... a little bit of everything. 

Tuesday: Peppered beef steak with sweet potato mash

We love steak and buying the diced casserole steak is a cheap buy of large amount. I do like to do this in the slow cooker usually - but I had time as the hubby was going to be later home. I used a seasoning mix from Coleman's (I LOVE SEASONING PACKETS) I can stand in that aisle in the supermarket for ages.... This was a peppered steak casserole. I added extra peppers to the meat and popped in some sweet potatoes to bake alongside it while it all cooked - Any meal I can put it all in the oven and forget about it. I'm sold.

Wednesday: Bacon pasta bake 

I've started buying cooking bacon to keep in the fridge as a back up meal base. We don't have bacon rashers usually (as much as we love bacon sandwiches we try and be good) and the cooking bacon is fine to snip and trim the fat to added into other things. Today's concoction was brown pasta, courgettes, peppers and a little cheese and milk. Made enough to have an extra portion for lunch the next day.

Thursday: Burrito Chicken and Tacos (chicken nuggets with rice and tacos for the boys)

Yes, another seasoning mix. This time from Maggi. This was one of the cook in the bag sachets which produce really tasty tender meat. I used boneless chicken thighs, brown rice, peppers and half a tin of kidney beans. It made a lovely meal which we had with some crunchy tacos. The boys ate earlier had crunchy chicken nuggets, with some steamed rice and broccoli - plus the crunchy tacos.

Friday : "takeaway" curry from Tescos.

I had a terrible day waiting in and being let down for our shopping order. we had been rushing from place to place to make sure I was back in time and it was all cancelled. In my grump I still had to go and get a food shop - but I also picked up a supermarket takeaway curry (and wine!) which is really tasty. For £5 two curries, a large rice, 2 naan breads and 4 onion bajjis - you can't really complain.

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