15 Aug 2016

What we ate last week: Pizzas, roast chicken and quick dinners

Summer holidays is in full flow and our days are now full of picnics, and sweaty grubby children roaming free. Were doing cartwheels in the sunshine, and chilling by watching too much TV and running out of fruit in the middle of the week thanks to hungry children.

Saturday: Pizza Night
The sun was shining on Saturday and after a morning of errands, and gym sessions (that’s the husband not me!) we headed out to a local park with a splash pool and a picnic in tow for the kids (well we had a little too) We chilled, watched the kids run around, ate ice creams and caught up with friends in the sunshine before heading home – as Husband has a date with the suicide squad. I had been all types of organised in the morning as well as baking a cake for my mother in laws birthday I also made some pizza dough. The boys had their pizzas at lunchtime before the park but I pulled together ours once we got in. I used my recipe which works well and it was a white base pizza (of course) two different types today – spinach, ricotta and bacon and a pepperoni and peppers one. Both good, both yummy, both eaten all up.

Sunday: Another BBQ in the sunshine.
As we don’t have a garden we relish in the chance of getting to enjoy a BBQ and my in laws oblige. We spent a lazy afternoon sitting in there garden watching the kids play, draw and practice cart wheels while drinking wine as the food cooked away. It was burgers, bbq chicken pieces, mushrooms, salad, lamb chops and sticky rice.

Monday: Roast chicken, potato croquettes and vegetables.
Last Friday I made a huge batch of mashed potato which needed using, and as much as I am fully on board with just reheating it all up I felt the need to try something new. I mixed the mash with one egg and a little cornflour. Then shaped them into cylinders and rolled them in breadcrumbs mixed with a little grated Parmesan. I baked them in the oven until crispy – delicious. I even had one leftover in my lunch for the next day. I seasoned the chicken simply with a little lemon juice, some salt and pepper and a little soy sauce. The boys had theirs with broccoli and we had ours with green beans – these frozen ones I have been using are amazing! They taste great and steam as they cook so lovely and tender. I did a quick lunch today also that I was super impressed with how quick it was and yummy. Some finely sliced sweet potatoes, on top of that some frozen green beans and a white fish fillet. A little seasoning, and microwave for 10 minutes wrapped in baking paper. It was delicious, healthy and filling.

Tuesday: Belly pork, rice and spicy vegetables.
Real team effort today with late days at work and busy parents we had pork cooked by my mother in law – sent home in a care parcel when I collected the boys that evening. Rice steamed by me in the microwave while sorting the boys drinks before bed. Spicy vegetable cooked by the husband while washing up and tidying the kitchen. But it all got done, food was eaten, boys in bed – and I may have left the rest of the tidying up from that night as I was unable to keep my eyes open any longer.

Wednesday: Leftover Chicken pasta bake with bacon and peppers
There are few go to recipes that I reach for when I need to do something quick - pasta bakes is one of them. We are a no cooking with tomato household which means my pasta dishes are mainly cheese or cream based. This evenings concoction involved me staring at what I had in the fridge freezer and rustling something up. We still had a bit of chicken leftover from Monday which i shredded and add to some already cooked bacon and peppers. Once these had all been cooked down together I stirred through some cooked pasta before topping with Parmesan. Into the oven it went. A quick, very filling and using up leftover kind of meal.

Thursday: BBQ Belly pork with peppers and onions and rice.
Part of the food shop I usually like to add in a ready seasoned or marinated dish. These are perfect for quick dinners during the week as they are already packed with flavour. This dish was 4 pieces of belly pork which had been dipped into a BBQ sauce that cooked up lovely and sticky in the oven, About half a hour into the cooking I added in some peppers and onions to the dish to roast in the oven. Steamed rice is such a quick side that is usually our go to pick. Was a good choice after a busy day in London Town and picking up kiddies from all round the place.

Friday: Chicken thighs with sweet potato wedges and salad.
Our regular food shop is on Friday, and during the summer holiday I have been getting this delivered in the morning which is working well. We had some lovely chicken thighs which I pan fried after coating with some seasoning and some eggs - before adding to the oven to cook through and serving the on top of some crispy sweet potato wedges with a little salad. A good meal to have while getting all excited watching the Olympics - we have been loving it in this house.


Managed a quick bake in the kitchen this week for my mother in laws birthday. It was nothing fancy but a really good chocolate cake recipe with a good icing on top which with the added feathered white chocolate icing adding a festive birthday feel to the cake.Mary Berry does know her cakes! It was well received by the family - half having the cake with topping of hot custard and the others with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This tray bake pan from Lakeland is awesome and I love having a pan just the right side of these bakes

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