12 Aug 2016

JimJams Spreads - and biscuits.

A parcel appears on my doorstop. We open up that brown box of mystery. And what's better being in that box. Chocolate hazelnut spread, yes that's right and it was a chocolate hazelnut spread that contains considerably less sugar than others on the market. And it tastes delicious too.

This brand was launched back in 2014 by Kellie and Kevin Bath. Parents of young children who were horrified to discover how much sugar are in the leading brands of chocolate spreads. Up to 57 sugar cubes! Which is crazy. They were conscious of their children's health and started to look for alternatives on the shelves. They wanted a chocolate spread which had no added sugar and still tasted good - so they took matter into their own hands and created their own.

They had been supplying small retailers and food markets but as of July this year it's nationally available in 539 Tesco stores. This new take on the chocolate spread has also won Great Taste award and been Sugar Wise Certified. The JimJams chocolate and hazelnut spread is kinder to the teeth, diabetic friendly, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Ticking all the boxes. But how does it taste? Delicious – it has a lighter feeling to it compared to eating others of similar product. It has a lovely creamy consistency and good flavour.

"The spreads have really struck a chord not only with mums concerned about their children health and sugar intake, but also health and fitness lovers who have taken to social media to post 100s of creative recipes using the spreads. We are really pleased with how many people are falling in love with our brand – even Davina McCall tweeted about how much she loved JimJams – with the hashtag #notpaidtosaythis” Kevin, Co-creator of JimJams.

This biscuit recipe is so simple from provided in their recipe booklet ( which also included chocolate milk, chocolate hazelnut spread and chocolate brownies) All you need is 150g of plain flour, 1 egg and 175g of the JimJams hazelnut or chocolate spread. Mix all the ingredients together until it forms a dough. It forms quite a crumbly dough, but you are able to roll it out and cut out the biscuits. Bake at 180c for around 8 minutes. They were yummy and perfect with a cup of coffee. All the crunch and less of the sugar – that’s got to be good right?

The JimJams site offers inspiration on how to get creative with their product range – which also includes jams and chocolate spread. There is a selection of recipes and check out the hashtag #jimjamsspreads for more inspiration on using this spread. Please share if you have any ideas or recipes that would be great for using with this spread

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