17 Aug 2016

Baker Ross - Stocking the craft supplies

You may have noticed (if you follow my Instagram or my pinterest) I love getting a bit crafty - OK very crafty. I love keeping my hands busy and always have too many projects on the go. And when the team from Baker Ross sent me this parcel of creativity I was super excited. As much as I love getting crafty myself - i'm not big on sharing my craft supplies with little fingers. Therefore I like to keep a "stock" of various types of creative bits and pieces in my craft cupboard arsenal. The supplies and kits that Baker Ross offer are fantastic for just that, plus with the added piece of mind that these are all aimed at children.
We got a fantastic selection of products. A mix of kits with everything ready to go and products that encourage more imagination. Many of these I have ready to pull out now we are officially in the Summer Holiday "I AM BORED" stage of the school break. I'm waiting for the perfect moment. The finger paint tubs are fantastic and I use them recently at the school fair to create a large fingerprint tree to hang at the school. The colours are really vibrant and thick - but wipe clean from little fingers with ease. The unicorn flyers kit was a hit with my boys as they coloured them and continued to have races across the front room. The little one really enjoyed the rubbing plates, 4 in a set with 8 different designs - coupled with the easy hold crayons he had tons of fun making patterns and a whole lot of noise - using these. The crayon now permanently live in the tub on the table. To help encourage creativity at all times I leave paper and crayons at easy reach.
One item I have loved are these large lower case letter stencils. They are great for the eldest who likes to make banners and signs - but will be great to use with the youngest as his knowledge  of letters and letter formation grows as he gets older. 
The variety of products that Baker Ross have on offer always impressing me - and sign up to their newsletter for a variety of inspiration and voucher codes. Some things which are one my "wish list" currently are.
Solar System Mobile. The latest obsession of my big boy is space. all things about it. This would be a fun task for us to research and to do together. When learning is fun is does not feel like learning.

Multi Cultural Skin Tone crayons. Being a mixed race family its important to me to offer these options to my boys - to allow them draw or colour in and embrace all the colours of the skin that there are.
Air Dry Clay. This set has a mix of colours and the problems my  eldest has had with play dough, is the non permanence of it. He likes to make things and then make them safe (away from his brother he means) and wants things placed up high. At least with this set his creation would be immortalised - and not likely to be destroyed by the Pickle.

Wooden Racer Set. This looks very cool - and the big boy loves creating models and models that go even better. I also like the fact that this activity would be a lengthy one. One that could stretch over a couple of days. The building and then the painting.

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