8 Aug 2016

What we ate last week: From chicken skewers to leftover night

An eventful week in the Edwards household. We had a trip to A&E, a birthday dinner, lots of late nights and busy working weeks. We both were suffering from burning the candles at both ends. But we took time out on Wednesday to treat ourselves to a take away to celebrate being a couple for 15 years. Its a big chunk of time and we have grown and changed and made a family together - it not always easier but we do it, and stick at it.

Saturday:  Chicken Skewers, wedges and chicken wings.

In a bid to get my eldest eating and trying new things I tried to get him involved in the kitchen prep. Today’s meal was a slight success. We made chicken skewers together – he is not a big fan of actual meat so this was a big ask for my little man. We used boneless chicken thighs as I find them much more cost effective. We snipped the chicken into pieces and made a little marinade of BBQ sauce, honey and some salt. All things I know he likes. We used peppers and courgettes to add to the mini skewers – which he cut with a crinkle cutter. To go with these, we made homemade wedges (I love potatoes wedges and make a big batch using just one tablespoon of oil some seasoning and a hot oven. Makes them good and crispy) I seasoned up some chicken wings to go with it to make it crunchy. Everything served with some toasted pitta breads.

The skewers were a part of he ate the chicken in the pitta bread and tried the courgette and peppers. He declared he is not keen on them but I praised the fact he tried them without resorting to the usual mealtime shouting battle.

Sunday: family BBQ

We visited the in laws on the Sunday and had an impromptu BBQ. Which always pleases the boys as they love burgers!! My father in law had made a curry also which went down very well. The eldest boy had been off at Beaver Camp and was springy all about – which meant we had some “Behaviour” issues with a very excitable 6-year-old – the joys/

Monday: Hot dog roll ups & pulled pork

I was in charge of 3 little scamps today (my two and my nephew) and I caught my husband’s cold. In the spirit of man cold I declared we would not go out instead they had all the toys out, films on the go, kindles watching and generally wrecking of the house. For lunch I made them hot dog roll ups – we had no bread rolls. I improvised with tortilla wraps we had at home, wrapping the hot dog up and using a toothpick to hold them together. Then using a grill plan to toast and cook the sausages. These were serve continentally with some crisps on the side. They had had a topsy turvey lunch and had devoured oranges, apples and banana prior to this.

In another lazy bid I had a joint of pork in the slow cooker during the day. Which was served for dinner for me and K on top of sticky rice with green beans and broccoli. It might be quick and lazy but it was good. Loads of leftovers too… as per usual

Tuesday: Mince & pasta

Tuesday was an extremely busy day at work and my cold was in full effect – so much so I left work early. As the house would be empty (until the kids arrived home) I made a super quick meal of beef mince and pasta. I used frozen carrots, celery and onions which softened in the pan – added a couple of handfuls of frozen peppers and then added in the 5% mince to cook through. The seasoning was simple (all those cold meds!!) and I used an oxo cube to boost flavour. Once the pasta was cooked I stirred this all through the mince and added a lid to the pan. That was it. Simples.

Which was useful as that night I had a trip to a&e with my little man who had a bashed head – but he was given the all clear and we made it home by 1am.

Wednesday: Chinese – the take away kind

This day 15 years ago I met a a friend of a friend – well he turned into my boyfriend, then husband and now father to the boys. Due to the a&e visit overnight my tiredness was extreme – and coupled with my cold, my enthusiasm for cooking was low. The darling fella I married offered to pick up a Chinese on the way home, which was much appreciated. My favourite dish of all time is Beef Ho Fun noodles, I had it first around 17 years ago in New York and that was me hooked – but finding it at local Chinese take aways has always been tough. As soon as I see it on a menu I will ALWAYS order it. We have managed to find a real decent take away near us and they sell this dish, and it is epic… I may have purposely left some to allow for leftovers for dinner tomorrow!!

Thursday: all the leftovers.

Thanks to my extensive cooking and the takeaway we had a fridge full of leftovers. Which was good as I was still exhausted and relished in the day “off” cooking.  I had leftover Chinese and the husband had got in late from work (another advantage to leftovers!) he has a pulled pork wrap for his dinner. And I sat on the sofa and chilled.  Yay for that.

Friday: Toad in the hole.

I love this meal so much. I have a serious love affair with Yorkshire pudding!! Husband was out this evening for his mum’s birthday but due to childcare issues we couldn't both go. Earlier in the day I made the mash potato (and made extra to use up potatoes on the turn and pop on the fridge to use over the weekend) and made the batter. Then once we had collected little legs I threw dinner together. The boys had theirs with broccoli and I had mine with a couple of roasted peppers and leeks with the sausages. Then the Yorkshire pudding! Oh how I love Yorkshire pudding. It was the perfect comfort food while curled on the sofa listening to little snoring children and binge watching Pretty Little Liars.


I managed a few bakes this week (so time must have been on my side) We got sent a fantastic parcel of Jim Jams spreads to enjoy and I used these jars of chocolate hazelnut spread to create some biscuits and treats for the kitchen.

I made a quick “no waste” tiffin which used up a couple of Easter eggs (yes you read that right), the leftover crumbs at the bottom of a biscuit jar, some sultanas – plus a little golden syrup and butter. I made a creamy topping by melting about a third of jar of the JimJams spread then spreading it on top of the set tiffin. 

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