11 Jul 2016

What we ate last week : With Sticky Chicken, Curry and Pizza....

A fairly quiet week in the Edwards household (gearing up for crazy end of term stuff!!) but lots of stuff going on. I've had late bedtimes which makes me very grumpy and I feel like I'm never getting anything done. It hard being a mummy and balancing everything else which floats into your slip stream. But we made it through and that's not too bad really.

Saturday: Marmalade chicken with courgettes, sugar snaps and crispy new potatoes.

We don't often have chicken pieces anymore (in the aim to eat healthier we switched to boneless chicken thighs) but the husband is still quite partial to chicken pieces - and actually the littlest Edwards loves them too! Dinner today was quite a simply “bung in the oven” type dish. One thing I do love about chicken is that by changing the seasoning you can really change the dish. Today's was a sticky marmalade chicken - marinade made with a mixture of salt, pepper, all purpose seasoning and a couple of heaped tablespoons of marmalade. With a good glug of Worcestershire sauce. Add some slices of courgettes and baked in the oven (while wrangling grubby kids into the bath). With the new potatoes on to boil and then sliced and roasted in the oven until crispy. Sugar snaps stir fried and added garlic.

Sunday; lamb curry, rice and peas and vegetables

Sometimes you get a craving for something that you can't shake. Quite often with me its cakes. But when I was pregnant with the boys I had the biggest craving for curry - especially my mother in laws curried lamb with rice and peas. So when the husband suggested cooking curry for dinner I was fully on board with this decision. When K makes curry it uses no oil, cream or coconut milk. It's all meat, seasoning and stock. And it tastes good. The meat was seasoned and left to settle for overnight before letting it bubble away and cook until soft and tender. The rice and peas however do you use coconut milk (you need some balance!)

It was a meal battle to get the oldest to eat (unless it's something he likes. Like sausages. Or burgers. Or fish fingers. Sigh) so he had some of the leftover chicken from yesterday and some of the rice. Little one LOVES curry. It's one of his favourite meals and had the biggest smile on his face.

Monday: leftovers

The curry was so good and do much leftover that I was a fraud for dinner and reheated the leftovers. It still tasted good. And I was a lazy wife and didn't cook.

Tuesday: slow cooker beef brisket and pasta

Yes I know it sounds odd but really it tasted good. The beef brisket was popped into the slow cooker in the morning (at whatever ridiculous time I wake up) on top of onions, peppers and a carrot. A little Bbq rub seasoning sprinkled on and some water on the base. This was left on low low all day. When I got in from work I shredded the beef and mixed up all the softened vegetables. Boiled some pasta. Added a couple of tablespoons of creme friache to the beef. Added the cooked pasta and some cheese. Dinner (and lunch for the next day) is served. At £4 for the beef and this fed 3 adults and 1 lunch portion that's a pretty decent cost.

Wednesday  : Thai coconut pork stir fry

I have to balance quick meals with meals I've lovingly spent time prepping, chopping and planning for. Tonight's was definitely in the quick meal category. Ready diced pork, fresh noodles, Thai coconut sauce and a big packet of ready prepared vegetables. A 1,2,3,4 step process. The sauce was really flavoursome and just enough balance of spice. I love Ho fun noodles- but struggle trying to find them in the shops. These flat noodles were close though. There was even leftovers for lunch!

Thursday : chorizo and butternut squash risotto

Rice is in all its forms is one of my favourite things. Pairing sticky rice, melty cheese and creamy butternut squash is something which make me happy. So comforting. A big bowl with a fork while curled on the sofa. Today's risotto I raided the freezer for supplies and made it up with some white fish fillets, butternut squash baked in the oven. Before adding some chopped chorizo on top. Then in a pan on top, softened onions, before adding in some sugarsnap peas then the fish, squash and chorizo. A mugful of rice, a glug of wine and then chicken stock adding slowly. A little sprinkling of cheese and a spoonful of creme fraiche. And the left to cook the rice. Things can then bubble away on the stove top while reading the very hungry caterpillar for 90th time this week.

Friday. : Pizza Blanco and dough sticks.

Boom. While I was being a domestic goddess the night before I may have also whisked up a batch of pizza dough. Gold star to me. This was left in the fridge during the day then I gave it a good knead using cornmeal instead of flour on my rolling pin. Split the dough in half and topped it with bacon, cheese, spinach and peppers. With the other half cut into strips and brushed a bit of melted butter, salt and garlic. A dinner we could munch on while sorting washing, watching Ghostbusters 2 with the kids, waiting for shopping to arrive and pottering about.

All in all it was a week of all different types of foods and making use of bits and pieces left in the fridge by the end of the week. I was particularity impressed with a new dough recipe I tried as it made a really light dough that cooked well. Roll on next week, and nearly the end of the shcool year yay!!

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