3 Jul 2016

What we ate last week : Husband in charge

This week was a little strange in our household as the husband had caused muscular trauma to his back and was unable to work - hence why he was in charge of the kitchen duties!!. We also had summer fair at the school, a night out for a house party, sports day and a mid-week Kung Fu session for the eldest. The normal family balance was required.

Saturday: mini steak pies with potato croquettes (thanks Marks & Spencer)

Saturday was a very busy one! It was the school summer fair and to add to my crazy life I am also in the PTA! Which is fun but oh the stress before the events! It was a fantastic fair and super busy. Which is the main thing. Lots of happy parents and kids!

We had a quick fix dinner as neither of us had eaten much during the day. Me off being all PTA mum! And hubby on child wrangling duties. These individual steak and ale pies were delicious from M&S. I'm a sucker for the “dine in for £10” deal. Even if that is just for the free wine!

Sunday : Creamy courgette chicken with the In laws.

The lovely in laws had the boys for a sleepover so after a lazy Sunday for me and the hubby we headed over for dinner and to collect the terrors.

My Mother in law had made this yummy chicken dish. She (and Maxwell) gave the chicken breasts a good bashing out so they were thin, then on top spread a mixture of boursin cheese mixed with grated courgette. These were baked in the oven and served up with various sides of crispy potatoes, sugar snap peas, cauliflower and rice. They were really tasty and hubby has asked for them to be added to our menu rotation

Monday : Chinese take away.

Poor hubby has injured his back pretty bad - and being unable to drive due to some strong medication we were all at home.

I had planned for some mince and pasta but the husbands mum wanted to come see her biggest boy!! And bringing along my brother in law whose birthday it was. They picked up a Chinese take away which is a rare treat in our house. We had Singapore spicy noodles, rice, beef ho-fun noodles in black bean (my favourite and I am always trying to find Ho fun noodles!) and crispy pork. And by chance I had baked a cake earlier this week, so we even managed a candle and a happy birthday!!

Tuesday : roast chicken with sweet potato mash and garlic green beans

With the husband still unable to drive he's been at home and whipping up dinner in the kitchen. This evenings was a seasoned roast chicken which was roasted on top of leeks, garlic and carrots. Whole roasted sweet potatoes with the mash scooped out and buttery chilli garlic and lime green beans. Not too shabby!

Wednesday : beef mince chilli and brown rice (for the adults) & Sticky sausage bites for the boys

Earlier this week we cooked up a batch of mince which was used as the main for this dish. Using up leftovers also meant this was quick. The mince was cooked up with lots of seasoning and vegetables all seasoned and cooked down together before adding the mince. Adding a tin of kidney beans into the mix. These were simmered down and left to cool. Heating these up and topping above rice results in a chilli con carne type dish - without the tomatoes.

The husband had made the boys something a little different too - sticky sausage bites which was sausages cut up into thirds, cooked in the oven with some all purpose seasoning (an Edwards kitchen staple), Worcestershire sauce and onions served with homemade chips and peas!

Thursday: Pork Shoulder Steaks with pimped up pasta.

The hubby has been loving Joe Wicks Lean on 15 cook books and took inspiration for tonight's meal. He seasoned up some pork shoulder steaks - my favourite cut, I love how tender they are. I'm not a fan of pork chops or loin cuts but find these full of flavour and cook well. The steaks were baked in the oven until crispy and while that was happening he made a sauce for some pasta by roasting and chopping some peppers adding garlic, leeks and onions. Scoping and adding some cooked butternut squash to add some “creaminess” to the sauce.. Then blending them all together before heating through and stirring some cooked pasta through. It's was a lovely combination.

Friday : Waitrose Thai dinner.

I love cooking and being in my kitchen. But sometimes you just want to so something easier and this meal deal was cheaper than a takeaway. It was packed with flavour too. And just enough- instead of having tons of leftovers which you feel obliged to eat…. Well i usually do.

This set includes Thai rice, chicken Satay, Thai green curry, pad Thai noodles and a little crunchy starter selection of some dim sum. It was really yummy and for £9.99 much cheaper than ordering a take away. 

Weekly Bakes 

Yay for weeks I manage to bake - it really does make me happy. This week was a Coffee Madeira cake - Rather yummy and topped with a chocolate fudge icing... recipe to follow.

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