18 Jun 2016

What we ate last week - Tacos, pizza and leftovers.

The last week has been testing. We have the the usual Beavers, Kung Fu and kid collection craziness - but also a school trip, parents meeting at nursery, physio appointments and birthday party. Like most weeks busy busy busy. Then we have reached the terrible twos with little N. He has been finding his voice these past weeks and his communication skills have sky rocketed (Mostly I am still a translator for people when he is shouting random words but we are getting there) plus we have been approaching the subject of potty training !!! we have not been the most successful so far, sure it will come. This has led to grumpy shouty toddler meltdown moments. Sigh.

Just a quick note that I actually don't feed my kids myself much during the week - due to all our childcare options they have dinner at both grandparents houses a few times a week. And we are ever thankful for that.

Saturday :  Garlic and Paprika Tacos

This was a little day out for mummy to go get my crafting on with some friends. Daddy was in charge and they had a trip out to the comic shop, Mcdonalds and soft play.

I whizzed up some Tacos  - I love old del paso products and they now do this mild seasoning of garlic and paprika. Mild enough for my fussy child and enough spice for my foodie child. The kids prefer the crunchy taco shells - more like crisps. I used 400g of 5% mince which served the 4 of us with ease. I softening some onions and peppers before adding the mince and the seasoning (all while multitasking and washing up). To complete the meal I shredded some lettuce leaves - and cut cucumber for little fingers. Steamed some rice in the microwave to bulk it up. Grated some cheese and then let the kids pick. Granted the fussed one only ate some meat and the crisps - but this is progress in him trying new things. 

Sunday : Quick Pizza night

We had a little jaunt out to a birthday party on Sunday which was lovely and the kids had a great time. We got back with two tired boys who ate toast before crawling into bed.

The adults in this house had a quick pizza using a ready to roll out and cook pizza base from Asda. It was a great alternative to making it myself (plus it makes less dough and I don't end up eating all the pizza) I made the pizza like here we had salami, peppers, spinach and cheese sauce. I was a great quick cook - Served with some carrot sticks and peppers for balance.

Monday : Fish & Rice.

A ot of what we eat is a things like this. A meat or fish served with rice. I love rice, and will mostly always pick it as a side, and it will often be my lunch of choice  - rice stir fried with some egg and whatever leftovers are in the fridge.

I keep cook from frozen fish fillets in the freezer as they a good quick meal. These were just hake (I think) which were cooked in the oven on top of some greens beans, and then topped with some of the leftover salami meats from yesterday. Mondays are now a busy evening for us, but I don't work on a Monday so I use that day to try and get prepped. Like trimming beans, getting dishes out and ready on the side. Then depending on if me or the hubby are home first we can pop things in the oven.

Tuesday : Peppered steaks with spinach & sweet potato mash.

For quick dinners during the week I like to buy ready seasoned meats. I got some thin cut steaks which were dripping in some love seasoning. Thin cut so quick to cook. Gave them a flash fry on each side, added a cup of boiled water out the kettle and topped with spinach. Plus a good sprinkle of garlic. Added the lid and turned it right now. This bubbled away nicely. 

Another quick fix in the freezer is mash. Normal potato or sweet potato. Perfect for small portions when cooking for the boys, but makes a nice alternative for our mid week dinners too - without all the peeling, chopping and boiling of potatoes.

Wednesday : Bacon "kind of" Risotto

I made a quick sort of risotto/paella type dish on Wednesday. Another using up what needed using kind of meals.

Softening onions and threw in some chopped green beans. Added some cut up bacon with the fat removed. plus a the leftover chorizo bits from our pizza night. A cup of risotto rice, double the amount of boiling water and chicken stock pot. This also used up the last of the grated cheese from pizza night too. Super filling and I was able to leave it bubble away on low while sorting the boys to bed ( who had had burgers and chips and my in laws earlier)

Thursday : Lamb kebabs for the boys and sort of Roast for us.

Both boys are ravenous when we get in form school/nursery on a Thursday and it's the one day of the mon-fri week that I cook for them. But it's has to be something quick otherwise they are literally eating me out of house and home. The kebabs on sticks in the supermarket right now for the bill. The fresh meat ones. The minted lamb ones are the ones of choice at the moment. This week I paired them with peas and the frozen jacket potatoes from McCain. I've not used them before but for an alternative to chips which were quicker I will be added these to my freezer must stock list. 

I had bought a large whole chicken to cook this week so off that went into the oven with a sprinkle of seasoning and a spray of oil. I did a cheats roast by peeking and chopping the potatoes, carrots and parnsips. Adding to a tray with a good Sprinkle of pepper and a spray of oil. Then into the oven it went. No parboiling. I love roasts did their bung in the oven nature. Both of these cooked away while I sorted, tidied, and got the boys to bed. The hours the hubby works we don't get to eat as a family during the week so this approach right now works for us. 

Friday :  Leftovers Tortilla

After yesterday's dinner we had a handful of potatoes and half a chicken left. This added with some onions, peppers and eggs I made a leftover tortilla type thing. Topping with a crumble of feta for that cheesy tang. Cooked on the stove first followed by a blast under the grill. 

All eaten in between putting away this weeks shopping, dealing with the Friday feeling in two happy boys and mummy having an emotional break down as I had been awake since 4! 

Now onto next weeks planning... 


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