27 Jun 2016

What we ate last week : The one with all the pulled pork

Saturday : Puff pastry tart. Feta, courgettes and ham. With freezer food.

It was a random selection day. We had spent the day out at Bluewater and had lunch out - the boys enjoying their McDs followed by a YumBox selection of snacks. BY the time we got home they were not in the mood for a big dinner and were happy with some toast and an orange before bed.

These days are when I have to see whats in the fridge and make a dinner out of something and sometimes nothing. Todays selection was a roll of puff pasty, a packet of ham, a courgette and onions and some feta cheese. Layering it all on top and into the oven made a quick dinner for me and the husband we could eat in between corralling children into pyjamas and bed.

Sunday : Family BBQ for Father's Day with all the trimmings.

The in laws had invited us round for a family get together. and as much as I love cooking, I do love days off cooking too. My in laws love a family meal and the table was set for 13!! We had burgers, sausages, salmon fillets, rice, potatoes - the works. It was a lovely meal and we got to spend some time with the boys great grandparents (who turned 80 this year!)

Monday : Slow cooker pulled pork. With new potatoes and mixed vegetables.

The beginning of the week of "pulled pork"  - a busy Monday ahead of me I popped this large joint (1.85kg!!) into the slow cooker with an onion, sprinkle of sugar and some soy sauce and let it bubble away all day. I do love cooking pork joints this way. I cut away the strings before placing in, and then cut away the fat off the top near the end.

We had this pork shredded on top of boiled and sliced potatoes along with a selection of steamed green vegetables in a little garlic, butter and pepper. Rather lovely.

Tuesday : Pulled pork with rice and cabbage with leeks.

With all this leftover pork I had better get creative. A quick dinner first. Steamed some plain rice in the microave, and stir fried some leeks and cabbage while reheating the pork in the oven to add a crispy top. Layer it all together and you can curl up on the sofa with a bowl in one and and fork in the other - before crawling into bed! Rock n roll living right there.

Wednesday : Lemon salmon with green beans and brown rice

This meal was a bit haphazard - I had planned something with some beef mince - however the beef mince had different ideas and was no longer edible. sigh.

Instead some salmon fillets seasoned and added a squeeze of lemon into the oven. Green beans steamed, followed by a quick stir fry with plenty of garlic. The using up some packets of microwave brown rice. I flaked the salmon and chopped the green beans before mixing through the rice.

Thursday : Fajita pasta with the final part of the pork

The final pulled pork related dish. This was inspired by a video I saw on Facebook for a chicken fajita pasta dish, and I am pleased to say this worked really well.

Soften onion and peppers in a pan, add in the cooked pork and heat through while stirring. Add in seasoning of choice - I added extra chilli and pepper. 2 cups of uncooked pasta to the pan, and 3 cups of milk. Turn heat down low and add a lid. Let the pasta cook and add in more liquid if need be. Serve with a grating of cheese on top. The husband was mighty pleased with this dish.

Friday :  Mixed selection of sausages, lamb kebabs and pork chops. With salad

Night off cooking. Again! On a Friday it is very much appreciated. We spent a lovely evening with m family to celebrate in delayed fashion my sisters birthday. We ate a selection of chops and kebabs! And a salad topped with pomegranate seeds! Lush!!! And not having to do the washing up - that is always a bonus.

It was a week of good eatings! 

I even managed some baking this week  - which I haven't done in a while. Trying to get back in the groove of things.

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