29 Jun 2016

Review:Schleich Educational Toys

Sometimes the simplest toys are the ones that can bring the most fun. Yes we have a house full of electronically bleepy noisy things but scaling this back at times to toys which are textile, encourage imaginative play and that allow children to learn is at times the answer. (and if you are anything like me sometimes you want something which is not overly messy!!) and these functional toys from Schleich really do tick all the boxes.

I remember as a child spending time standing in toy shops browsing these models of animals all lined up from cows to snakes to lions to unicorns. Schleich have been making these figures and toys for over 80 years and the beauty of these toys is that not only do they allow children to explore the world around them that it allows children from all over the world enjoy them. We got sent 3 of these play figures to try, along with access to a new brochure 'Educational Play the Schliech Way' put together by the team at Schliech which help guides us adults in ways to get the most out of these toys.
We got sent 3 animals to play with. The elephant, a donkey and a pig. The boys have enjoyed playing with them, lining them up, making the animal noises, drawing them and with the biggest learning how to spell the names. Take a click on the link to download your own brochure for free. Its full of fantastic ideas on how to incorporate these animal toys into your child's play. It cover topics of play on Active play, Creative play, Social play and Free play. As well as encouraging group play it offers ideas on allowing independent play for your child which is just as important. There are some great ideas and pointers covered in the brochure.

One play activity we did at home is I left the animals in a basket on the floor, along with some crayons and paper. We soon were drawing the animals, making animal tracks and drawing animal homes. The little ones were happy to just pick each one up make the noise, tell me the name and then pretend to be the animal - imagine lots of noisy elephant trumptering and some piggy rolling in mud action!!

I would recommend these animals and since receiving these to review we have added a lion and gorilla to the mix - thanks to my wild animal loving boys. You can pick up a selection on animals at Schleich or over at Smyths retailing from £2.99. They make a great alternative "treat" when out and about as they really can be used for all types of play - the boys have used them in bath!! and even taken them to bed to tell them stories and tuck them in.

Happy play time people....

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