25 May 2016

Scooting with Yvolution

I'm sure all the mums, dads and school drop off takers/ picker uppers can relate to the increase of little scooters whizzing past. Whether they be chasing the buggies, zooming ahead or taking it slow this seems to be the mode of transport choice for the little darlings. Sure enough since this green machine has been in our house both boys have been clambering to get on it.

We were lucky to receive this very awesome Yvolution Y Glider XL to review - and both boys were overjoyed when we opened the parcel. As you may expect I had some trepidation opening the parcel and thinking I'm going to need to read the instructions several times, ask the kids to be quiet about 20 times and probably spend the next hour putting the thing together. This was not the case. Open box, cut box ties, push handle into base until it clicks. That simple - done even before the emergency cup of tea has brewed.

Me and the husband have been really impressed with the stability and sturdiness of the product. Even little man who is 2.5 years has been able to use it with ease - plus its the perfect height for me to hold the handle bars and pull him along. 

We have been throwing the scooters in the car more now, living in a flat means we have no designated outdoor space but this pushes us to explore more of our surrounding area, we have even been browsing the site for more Yvolution products - especially the balance bikes to help the kids. Even though the little one can use the product the eldest have been getting the most use out of it. He is still struggling with riding his bike as we try and teach him to not have stabilizers - but he can reach some serious speeds with this mighty scooter. He is always asking to take it to school - which have the designated scooter parking!

This scooter will be a strong family stable over the summer making it journey across South London i;m sure.

Yvolution have produced some fantastic summer safety tips for getting out and about on the new wheels.

1. Check the area - Before little one venture outside, make sure the area is carefully checked. Gardens for example may have dangerous tools lying around or pebbles which can pose a chocking hazard. If your away from home or in a public place, always check the ground for broken glass or sharp objects, and keep the play away well way from the road.

2. Always supervise. Although you have checked the area and incident can still happened in the blink of an eye. Children can hurt themselves on a paddling pools, on playground swings and even tripping over so never leave them unattended.

3. Get protected. If the kids are playing on scooters and bikes, its important that they're suited up with knee-pads and correctly fitted helmet.

4. Double check, before the kids mount their bikes, double check all the parts are in working order. Also be sure of loose pieces of clothing or laces are tucked away.

5. Be safe, be seen. Wearing bright clothes or reflectors are essential for bike riding at night and when you are travelling a long way during the day.

6. What to avoid. Splashing through puddles is really fun for kids but can cause a fall while riding bikes or scooters. Watch out for wet leaves, curbs, pot holes and people.

7. The rules of the road. Its always important that children be taught road safety even more so when out on bikes and scooters. Simple rules such as obeying traffic signals and using bike paths are crucial

8. Protect against the weather. While were busy enjoying the sunshine, we can often forget that high temperatures can be dangerous. Apply sun cream to your kids every couple of hours, keep them in the shade where possible and ensure they drink enough fluids.

Your kids will have a summer to remember if you follow these simple tips.

So go out have have some fun - which reminds me I must work on that summer bucket list.....

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