28 May 2016

Please don't jump.

This boy is a whizz crash bang of energy. From when he first opens his eyes, and he smells of sleep as he stumbles his way to the front room. Seconds later you hear the kitchen door open, the search for the kindle to begin and battle to commence over the fact he needs to get dressed. 

But please don't jump. 

This boy is amazing. His brain is always fizzing with thoughts and ideas. He has conversations in his head and thinks about things. He launches into debates and stories like you have been apart of all that has happened in his head. He says I can't remember when you ask him how was school, but can tell you all about a game or book he read 3 days ago. Or the fact that not this Monday but next Monday he'll be getting invested at beavers. 

But please don't jump. 

This boy is always running full speed ahead. He's sense of fear disappears as clambers over benches or tries zig zagging a scooter downhill. He will balance on, jump on, climb over or stand on. He will wander ahead, he will jump, he will pull the buggy as your walking and he will be able to chatter about nonsense why you walk. He will reach out and hold your hand when he walks out of school or cross the road. 

But please don't jump. 

This boy is like a jumping bean, or he's sitting on hot coals. He lounges, he flutters, he moves closer to the TV or rolls about the floor. He will splash in the bath and make the floor mat so wet it need tumbling. He will eat an entire fruit bowl if your not careful. He will ask for chips and burgers with every meal and can devour 2 quarter pounders on some days and eat barely a monthful the next. 

But please don't jump. 

This boy is very sensitive and will cry. Loudly. He is understanding sharing means that now he as the big brother he needs to share with his little one (who just wants to be like him) but it's hard sharing your things. He will cry big fat tears, and peoclaim the world is not fair . He will make me so annoyed that he is upset about sharing and he will stomp his feet and I will sigh. He will calm down and bury his damp cheeks against me. And say he finds it hard sometimes. And my sighs turn into bigger heart beats and I tell him I love him. He says you say that all the time and off he goes again. 

But please don't jump. 

This boy at times is so hard to parent. He is infuriating and makes me so angry. He wants to play and is struggling that he is getting older and that means more responsibility. That means helping your brother take off his shoes instead of getting a snack. That means if you spill your crisps on the floor that means getting the Hoover out. That means instead of leaving your shoes and uniform scattered across the floor, you pick things up and help me out. That means instead of me carrying everything you can help out carrying bags. 

But please don't jump. 

This boy causes me to repeat myself. To shout. To get angry. He does not listen, he is in his own bubble. He wanders around in his own world and you ask one thing. But until you have asked it about 5 times and resorted to shouting random words at him until he completes said task.. I say the same thing round and round, repeat myself. Get angry at myself. I should be calmer, I take a deep breathe, I make a cup of tea ***BANG***





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  1. Wow this is 100% my son too, so so similar! Scary most the time and non stop crazy every second he is awake! Thanks so much for linking up to #friyaylinky xx