3 May 2016

Lollipoppers & Churchill

Do you remember walking to school? Its a strange thinking back to the days when I used to walk to school compared to now being a mum and walking/driving my own children. It something that you don't really think about I guess - sure there is the worry of which school, will it suit my child, do I like the ethos, the wrap around care on offer or the teachers? And yes you try and pick a school that suits your journeys, are you able to walk there or drive there. I remember as a small one  (many moons ago) walking to school (blue checked summer dresses, frilly socks and Clarks secret keeper shoes - oh and a take that duffle bag) and crossing roads with the help of a lovely lollipop lady. She would know the children s names, she would say morning or afternoon and wave you on you way. That lady standing there with the sign in the bright yellow jacket allowed families to cross the road safely.

But this sight is no longer one you associate with school journeys. Instead we have (outside my sons school) families waiting on the road for either a friendly face to allow you to cross or waiting for that elusive break in the traffic. I have at times stood waiting to cross with the youngest on my hip, holding my car keys in one hand and trying to wrangle a 6 year old with his book bag, lunch box and water bottle. A lollipopper would help this situation greatly.

In a quote from Michael Bristow, from road safety charity, Brake, added: "With the highest rates of child pedestrian casualties in the UK occurring during the school run, the provision of a safe road crossing at schools plays a key part in our work. With a decreasing number of lollipop men and women on the roads, the safety and lives of children are being put at risk as other school crossing alternatives don't offer the same level of vigilance and care."

There are within the UK around 20,000 lollipoppers on our roads helping keep children and families safe when crossing the road, But this number is beginning to decline. Following legislation in 2000 where lollipop men and women are no longer a legal requirement for schools, which has mean an increasing number of men and women have been taken off the road. In a survey polled 91% of parents said they would view a lollipopper as safer option compared to a zebra or pedestrian crossing. Churchill want to help and make this safeguard around schools even more prominent by offering 50 schools in the UK funding for their own lollipopper - and you can nominate your school here via the Churchill website. Now if your school is lucky enough to have one of these awesome men and women helping your children cross the road that is fantastic - if not please go nominate your school and spread the word and get your school this amazing gift of funding.

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  1. My daughter's school had a lollipop man until a couple of years ago when they put a zebra crossing in. Unfortunately there have been 2 accidents on that crossing, one of which resulted in the death of an unborn baby. The parent of that baby was collecting her children from school too. There has been another accident involving a child too.

    Thankfully our school have stepped in and with the help of our council have employed a lollipop person who covers the zebra crossing for the morning drop off and afternoon pickup.

    Wishing you all the best in securing the services of a lollipop person for your school.