11 Apr 2016

Bloggers Hangout // The Tea Party

I attended my first Bloggers Hangout event this past week, and it was full to the brim with yummy food and drink brands - right up my street! From peanut butter to mead to chai lattes. A real mixed bag, and it was great taking some time out to speak to the brands directly and hear why they are passionate about these up and coming products. The blogger hangout hosted the event in the Pop Up Patio (a lovely little event space all chilled out relaxed) The majority of the brands were brand new to me, and being able to talk to the people behind the brands was a really fun experience.

These cultured milk drinks, which was featured on Dragons Dens. These milk drinks are full on natural goodness which can help aid digestion, boost your immune system and deliver vitamins to your body in a tasty format. These are based on recipes which have been around for years - and these drinks are already popular over in Russia and Scandinavia. They come in a range of lovely flavours and this Honey and Mint was my favourite. A really lovely creamy flavour.

This is brand offers a range of Africain inspired snacks from the freshest peanuts on the market (shipped over from Africa) which have been baked to make them extra yummy to hand cooked plantain crisps which have a very satisfying crunch, The cashews were my favourite (and I have thought on make a curry and smashing these up and sprinkling on top!!) You can order direct on these and get handy snack packages.

The smell of these as you came in was amazing. That's what I love about a Chai Tea - how lovely the smell is, its so warming and comforting all those spices. Like a hug in a mug. I learned something new - I never knew 1. they are 99% caffeine free, so perfect for trying with the kids as an alternative to hot chocolate. 2. That they offer the peppermint, mango and chocolate flavours. These ones are only available online. And i'm now trying to think of reason why I need to place an online order!!! 

Now I have never tried a seed butter before - but I may have fallen in love with these. There were so much flavour smooshed into the spoonful of butter spread on a dried apple slices. I could of eaten the whole bowlful - it was so good. I can imagine this working well mixed into cookie dough, or made savoury as a chicken satay type sauce. Contained in these multi nut and seed butters are cashews, almonds, flax seeds and chia seeds - to name but a few. 

These drinks are made using honey from British bees. The driving force behind the idea was using the British Honey - these drinks are full of natural flavours and honey gives them a sweet enough flavour, that even the kids would be fooled into thinking they were sugary! The flavour combinations they offered are Delicious (an inspiring ideas on cupcakes for me - I mean a lemon and honey cake topped with a green tea icing!) 

Now I love a glass of wine (or two depending on the day) but this was seriously yummy. I don't mind the odd cider in the summer - but this could be the new summer tipple. This used to be the drinks of Shakespeare which died out in popularity in the UK, however it is still extremely popular over in Latvia - where these are imported over from a small brewery. The flavour was really interesting. It sits between a cider and beer - but with a sweeter flavour. I really want to get my hands on some ti try a beer bread with and infusing soe fruit in the mead flavours.
Fruit jerky. Yup I said it. And it sounds crazy, but actually when you think about it its really jsut the same as the fruit roll ups for the kids lunch boxes. These had a bit more chew to them - so you cold get away in thinking they were sweets! All natural, all fruit - with you traditional fruit combos.
I could of taken then whole stash on hand and popped it  y handbag - it was that good. The salted one, oh my! I want it stirred into vanilla ice cream and made into thick milkshakes - or sandwiched between thick dark chocolate cake. This is a New Zealand brand which is now being shipped over here. The flavour was unrreal - the smooth one was literally like melted butter - that smooth. This one could be swirled into chocolate brownie batter.

I was eally pleased to get the chance to go try and meet some of these really interesting up and coming brands. Thanks bloggers hangout.

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