15 Mar 2016

Wishlist // March

I wish I may, I wish I might......

I spend so much of time online - i'm sure like many of us. I feel I am forever googling, clicking links, saving links and usually sending them as hints to family!! 

This month I have been obsessing over..

1. These star hoodies from H&M for the boys - (and yes I caved and bought them a matching pair) I love stars - not sure where the obsession came from but since having boys this is my go to pattern in clothes, bags, fabric and even on my scrapbook pages. The star accent is a perfect pattern for small reapets in design. I love H&M clothes for the boys, great value for price and wash and wear well (Little one is in hoodies now that his big brother wore to death!) I am usually more of a fan of the bright and the bold, but this dark grey pattern will work well with most things.

2. I spend a lot of my time thinking about baking, reading about baking or actually baking. For someone with a love of kitchenware - Lakeland is my happy place. This brownie pan is currently top of my "if-i-could-i-would-buy" list. Its a great all round in size and I love the edges for lifting it in about out. 

3. We need a new dinner service - due to far too many broken plates. I have been googling "white dinner sets" a fair bit, usually when tucked up in bed with a phone in my hand. I love bright colors but when it comes to dinner sets I prefer all white. Personally I think this makes the food look better. This set from IKEA is a bit lovely - I love the shape of the bowls, but its the plates I am not keen on. Which is what has stopped me from buying. I like round plates not square - with a touch of an edge. This are so far the best I have found that are in our budget.

4. In my search for dinner services I stumbled across these beauties by Royal Dalton from Argos. This are not within our budget but I love them, the designs are very swoon-worthy. Both me and hubby love London. I love the blank and white designs - and maybe just maybe were of an age now where I need fancy plates. 

5. Being a mum to two small boys and wife to superhero obsessed husband my house is pretty much overrun with superheros and Star Wars at every turn. I already have a couple of these tray plates from Dunelm in a robot pattern - which the little one LOVES to eat off and likes to make sure something different is in each section! I spotted this Spiderman design and set last night on their website - and I am now very tempted to get these as well. They are hard wearing, wash well and anything that gets my kids to eat - count me in.

6. Back in October while on a wander round the Lanes in Brighton we found the most amazing cookware shop  - we picked up a few bits of the Falcon Enamel Bakeware trays and dishes. I fell in love at first site. This set on the their website is now fueling my kitchen dreams - in red. Oh my. I have a deep pie dish which is great for crumbles, fish pies and just making things look pretty. They wash well and are not too heavy when getting in and out of the oven. I am lusting over more.

7. For a while now I have been found browsing BooHoo.com website and fawning over pretty things and this jersey stretch pencil skirt is currently top of wish list. I have been wearing more skirts and tops to work - layering of vest tops and loose fitting shirts. The styling on the site with these shows them with trainers and strappy top - this could be my mummy uniform for the summer. Skirt long enough to be decent but not too long I trip over.

8. I need to update some make up for the spring and I need some new lip wear. However I am the most indecisive person ever. I come out of the shops usually empty handed with stripes all over my hand. I tried this Rimmell Oh My Gloss the other day and was impressed with how long it stayed on my hand. I have been embracing bold lipsticks more recently - its time to embrace gloss. Now if only I could pick a colour.

9. Finally I have been watching all sorts of YouTube videos on Make Up Revolution. A brand I was unfamiliar with but now I want it all!! I love the palettes of eye shadows - and such a great price also. This blush and bronze pallete is what I want to try first. I love to have a golden glow, and as we approach warmer days I hope this will compliment the change nicely.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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  1. Love all these... I feel a little online spree coming on as my baby naps... Thanks for sharing #TheList X