31 Mar 2016

Review // Zootropolis Ravensburger Puzzle

This house is very often full of loud bangs, superheros zooming about the place and building (and destroying with TNT) minecraft building. Sometimes you need to scale back the crazy boys and take some quiet time. Books and puzzles are the go to here. Turning off the devices, the tv is off and some quiet time. 

The lovely people over at Ravensburger sent us this fantastic puzzle to give a go. We have lots of smaller puzzles for the little man( who is a bit of a whizz) but less of the puzzles that are aimed at the biggest boy - and this one fits the bill. The size and amount of pieces of the puzzle worked well for him. The design had just enough difficultly (in the large orange pieces of the fox) and simpler areas like the words and the type to be able to match up the pieces.

The puzzle took us about half an hour or so to complete, with a little help from me - but mostly he worked on it himself. Since getting the puzzle we have completed it a few times now, and it has really hyped up his enjoymnet as we are planning on seeing the film this Easter holidays!!

This was a great puzzle and we would think about buying more in this range as it really suited my eldest growing need to slow down at times, help with his problem solving skills  and gives me some time to sit with him. This boy moves at 100 miles an hour...all..the..time. Taking some time out to do something slower. Perfect family time.

Thanks again Ravensburger for sending this for us to try! We give it a big thumbs up.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love these Ravensburger puzzles.
    My girly is nearly 10 and we have collected about 8 of them over the last 4 years or so, she still loves them all!
    We saw Zootropolis a couple of days ago, it is brilliant, have a great time!