13 Feb 2016

Edwards Family Cookbook // Quick Valentines Chocolate Lollies

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. I mean chocolate and sprinkles - what more do you need.
I made this super quick - and think for upcoming parties or events I might need to add these to all planning. 

I'm a rebel and melt the chocolate in the microwave - I cannot be doing with boiling water and bowls. Especailly more so with little hands about. After I served the kids dinner I (using up leftover christmas choclate!!) a stuck a bowlful of milk and white in the microwave - at 15sec intervals and giving them a good stir after each 15 secs. And when you are left with just a few lumps left take it out and keep stirring. The heat from the rest of the chocolate will melt the remaining pieces.

Dollop the chocolate and stick a lolly stick in a scatter with pretty sprinkles. I got these ones in Sainsburys - and I'm super please with the selection. Pop them in the fridge to harden and enjoy.

A little bit of valentines love using up the leftover chocolate from Christmas.

Happy Valentines weekend - may it be full with love however your spending it.

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